MyCase In The News:
The IPO, MyCase, And The Future Of Legal Tech

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Jason Randall (EVP), Brian Donahoo (CEO), and Niki Black (Legal Technology Evangelist, MyCase) at NASDAQ.

A few months ago, MyCase’s parent company, AppFolio, celebrated its IPO. The IPO was an exciting milestone for MyCase–and Appfolio as a whole–and was a sign of great things to come for MyCase and our customers.

As recently reported by Bob Ambrogi at his popular and well-respected LawSites blog, the IPO is simply the next stage of growth for MyCase. The IPO makes it possible for MyCase to further leverage the existing infrastructure and experience of AppFolio’s leadership team, offering more opportunities to grow and provide an even better product for our customers:

Last June, AppFolio, the Goleta, Calif.-based company that owns MyCase, the cloud-based practice-management platform, completed an initial public offering in which it raised some $74 million. I cannot think of a major IPO in the legal industry in recent memory. So what does this mean for MyCase and what does it mean for the legal industry more broadly?

Yesterday, I spoke about the IPO with Jason Randall, executive vice president of AppFolio, and Nicole Black who holds the enviable title of legal technology evangelist at MyCase.

With regard to the legal vertical and MyCase, the IPO’s impact will be minimal, Randall said:

“We were marching on a mission before the IPO and we’re marching on the same mission after the IPO, which is giving our customers a great product to use,” Randall said. “We’ve been heavily investing in that since day one and that hasn’t changed.”

But the IPO didn’t affect MyCase in a vacuum. Instead, it had implications for the legal industry as a whole:

Black…said that the IPO shows that cloud computing is here to stay in the legal industry and that there is a market for innovation in legal technology.

For MyCase, the IPO shows that it is part of a significant cloud company that is committed to growth and development. “The IPO shows that MyCase is here to stay, that we’re here for the long haul and really invested in making it the best platform on the market.”


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