More Than Words [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every year the legal profession celebrates Law Day, an event where the focus is to reflect on the role of law as the foundation of our country and to recognize its importance for society. The theme for Law Day each year is designated by the American Bar Association and typically highlights an important issue relating to the law or legal system.

This year’s theme is “Miranda, More Than Words,” and marks the 50th anniversary of the pivotal United States Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona. False confessions are incredibly problematic and Miranda and its progeny protect us from unlawful police interrogations. Did you know that false confessions were a contributing factor in 27% of exonerations? Another troubling statistic is that 1 out of 4 people wrongfully convicted who were later exonerated by DNA evidence made a false confession or incriminating statement to police.

For more enlightening and eye opening facts about Miranda and wrongful convictions, take a look at the infographic below, which chronicles the long-reaching effects of this landmark decision and the importance of preserving the procedural protections of our constitution.

And make sure to join us on May 9th in New York City when we celebrate Law Day at NASDAQ with free drinks and food and a presentation from ABA president Paulette Brown. RSVP here.

(As always, we encourage you to share and blog about our infographics and slideshows. You can grab an embed of this slideshow from Slideshare here).



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