Legal Technology And Practice Management Wrap Up – December 2017

As developers of cloud-based law practice management software, we here at MyCase love to read and learn everything there is to know about legal technology and legal practice management. So we make it a point to follow cloud computing, legal technology, and law practice management trends.

To that end, here’s our roundup of some of our favorite posts and articles about legal technology, cloud computing, and practice management from recent weeks:

  • Best Ways to Upgrade Your Technology in 2018 (Attorney at Work) – In this post with lots of great advice from the experts, you’ll find this nugget of wisdom from Sharon Nelson and John Simek: “If you don’t already have one, consider implementing a client portal. Client portals will help you solve all sorts of problems.”
  • Take Stock, Trim, and Pivot (My Shingle) – Solo practice guru, Carolyn Elefant offers end of year tips for solo and small firm lawyers and explains, “One of the best ways to position your firm for success in the future is to take a look back at the past.”
  • Strategies for Succeeding as a Solo (Above the Law) – An interview by Ari Kaplan that includes lots of tips for solo success. Here’s a key quote: “Today, it’s all cloud- and subscription based. My law firm fits in my backpack. And I can be anywhere and do the work that I need to do as long as I have a little bit of quiet and some electricity.”
  • Tools for Lawyers to Optimize Social Media Marketing (Mass LOMAP Blog) – Social media can be an important marketing tool for lawyers. This is because, as Heidi Alexander explains, “Social media is effective because it is yet another way to ‘touch’ prospective clients and referral sources, keeping you ‘top of mind’ when they need to hire an attorney.”
  • Eliminate Mistakes with this Magic (Divorce Discourse) – Lee Rosen offers time-tested advice on effective delegation and follow up: “When we create a system of following up, things get done. When our lists are maintained, our meetings occur regularly, and our teams follow our systems, we get a smooth, consistent, predictable operation.”

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