Launching Your Law Firm:
Offline Networking [eBook]

using referrals to grow your practiceThese days, there’s a glut of information about online networking for lawyers. After all, social media is a relatively new concept and many lawyers are still trying to learns the ins and outs of networking online effectively. As a result, much of what’s written about business development for lawyers revolves around online activities.

While these efforts are a good thing, it’s important not to lose sight of tried and true offline networking, since online networking is simply an extension of offline networking. If you don’t take your online efforts offline and connect with people face-to-face, all of your hard work can be for naught.

Similarly, it’s important to understand how offline networking has changed due to the increased use of online social media platforms. Because offline networking can be far more time consuming, it’s important to ensure that when you connect with others “in the real world,” it’s time well spent.

Sound complicated? Never fear! Jared Correia tackles offline networking and explains how to make it work for your law practice in today’s connected environment in the latest chapter of our ebook, “The Pocket Guide to Launching Your Law Firm.” In this chapter, “Offline Networking: Using Referrals To Grow Your Practice,” Jared focuses on maximizing your offline networking and discusses the different types of legal marketing and referral sources, the benefits of referral networking, how to improve your elevator pitch, and more.

Download your free copy today and learn all about how to make your offline networking efforts pay off. And don’t forget–you can access all of the chapters from this ebook that we’ve released so far here.

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