Launching A Law Firm:
The Business Necessities [eBook]

launching your law firmStarting your own law firm is no easy task. There are a lot of preliminary issues to consider, not the least of which are the business basics of your practice.

Should you incorporate and if so, what type of incorporation makes the most sense for your setup? Is a Limited Liability Partnership a better idea for your law firm? How will your firm’s taxes be affected by your choice? Are there any ethical issues to consider when setting up your practice?

Another issue: what about malpractice insurance? What are your options and how do you know what type of insurance coverage is necessary for your particular law firm?

There’s no doubt about it–hanging your shingle can seem overwhelming at times. Fortunately there are resources available to help you navigate the sometimes confusing path toward launching your firm, like MyCase’s new ebook, The Pocket Guide to Launching Your Law Firm.

We just released one of the first chapters of that ebook, Launching Your Law Firm: The Necessities, written by attorney and business and marketing consultant, Stacey E. Burke, which covers all of the business formation issues listed above and more. Don’t wait! Download your free copy today!

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