Interview With Sam Glover:
Lawyers, Robots, And Going Solo

While at ABA Techshow with the MyCase team earlier this year, I managed to fit in a few interviews with speakers and other experts in the legal technology space. During the conference, I tracked down Sam Glover of Lawyerist and asked him to opine on a few different, and very interesting, topics.

In the video and full transcript below, he explains why lawyers shouldn’t (or maybe should) go solo right out of law school and also offers his thoughts on whether robots will replace lawyers:


Niki Black:
Hi. This is Niki Black. I’m here at ABA Techshow in the Hilton, Chicago. I’m here with Sam Glover who is an attorney and the Editor of Lawyerist. How are you doing Sam?

Sam Glover: I’m fine, thanks.

Niki Black: I have a couple of questions for you and I’m looking for these opinions because you’re so opinionated. First thing I want to know is do you think that lawyers should go solo straight out of law school?

Sam Glover: Absolutely not, but it’s kind of like should you go into law school in the first place. The answer is no. Most people shouldn’t go to law school. But if you’re the kind of stubborn person that would ignore that advice and you go, chances are, you are the right sort of person who can succeed in law school and potentially go on to succeed as a lawyer. Or you’ve really misjudged yourself. But the same is true for starting a law firm.

Most people should not start a law firm right out of law school because it’s just too challenging to try and learn how to practice law competently, to get clients and to run a business all at the same time. It’s just too much. But, if you’re the kind of stubborn person that’s going to ignore me even though that’s really true, you probably shouldn’t. Then maybe you’re probably the type of person that could actually succeed at it.

Niki Black: Right, that makes sense. Let’s move on to question two. I want to know if you think that attorneys are gonna be replaced as robots as some legal futurists are predicting?

Sam Glover: Um, some. Some tasks that lawyers do can be automated, they should be automated and the more automated we can make them the closer to free they ought to get. And so those things are probably going to be the lawyers who rely on those things as their bread and butter may not be able to do that in the future and shouldn’t be able to rely on those things.

But there are certainly skills that require both personal skills and coaching and helping a client go through their legal issues, which is often a personal issue, an emotional issue. Those sorts of things, it’s harder to imagine how that’s gonna work. And then, as we know from Star Trek, there are actually litigators in the future. So I’m pretty sure, androids aside, robots aren’t gonna be replacing lawyers anytime soon.

Niki Black: So you had to bring Star Trek in it just to convince me of your argument.

Sam Glover: Absolutely. Data does advocate at one point, however, and he is technically a robot.

Niki Black: Well, there you go.

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