Interview With Jared Correia:
Marketing Tips For Solos And More

When I was at ABA Techshow earlier this year with the MyCase crew, I interviewed the best and brightest in the law practice management space to glean tips to help solo and small firm lawyers run their practices efficiently and effectively.

To that end, I caught up with lawyer and practice management advisor at Mass. LOMAP, Jared Correia, and asked him for his advice on hanging a shingle and social media marketing. Watch the video below or read the full transcript to hear what he had to say:


Niki Black:
Hi. This is Niki Black. I am here at ABA Techshow with Jared Correia. Jared is an attorney and he is a practice management consultant with Massachussetts LOMAC. And I wanted to talk to you again about two things because you’ve got a lot of expertise to offer.

Jared Correia: That’s what people say. We’ll see.

Niki Black: First and foremost I wanted to ask you if you had any advice for lawyers who are thinking of changing to single.

Jared Correia: Yeah. So, I talk to a lot of lawyers who are starting their practice right out of law school, and I usually tell them two things. The first is you want to spend the bulk of your time on marketing, because most of them don’t have a built in book of business or client base. So, they get scared but I tell them spending 90, 95 percent of your time on marketing exclusively and if they do that, lots of them will get the business.

The second thing I tell them, and you’re gonna like this, is moving forward when you get busy enough you got to have a case management system.

Niki Black: Absolutely.

Jared Correia: Or some kind of organizing principle for your practice. I see a lot of firms who I have to audit, who’ve gotten in trouble with our state ethics board and like 99 times out of 100 it’s an organizational issue and I think case management solves for a lot of those problems that lawyers have.

Niki Black: That makes a lot of sense and another thing I know you know a lot about is marketing and social media, which you’ve just touched on briefly, can you tell me a little bit about the top platforms you recommend lawyers focus on when they’re trying to reach potential clients?

Jared Correia: Yes. I think, I think for lawyers who, I’m gonna break this down in two different ways. I think for lawyers who are looking to source referrals from other attorneys, LinkedIn is the place to be because so many attorneys are on LinkedIn, it’s ridiculous. Every lawyer probably has a LinkedIn profile. If you’re looking to get clients, I think having a blog and then pushing that out through various social media channels is important.

So, I would go with Twitter and Facebook to start with. But it depends on your practice area to. If you’re a fashion lawyer for example, I think maybe you try instagram. So, I would look at other platforms that are maybe not as popular but my dovetail nicely with your practice. So, if you’re looking for referrals from other lawyers it’s LinkedIn. If you’re looking for clients I think you blog and then repost to Facebook and Twitter.


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