Interview With Carolyn Elefant:
Best Technology Tools For Solo Attorneys

Earlier this year, while at ABA Techshow, I sought out the expertise of speakers and other legal industry experts and interviewed them at the MyCase booth. One of the many people I had the privilege to  interview was my good friend — attorney, author, and solo practice guru — Carolyn Elefant.

In this video (and transcript below), she offers advice for lawyers considering hanging a shingle and provides her take on the best technology tools for solo attorneys:


Niki Black:
Hi, this is Niki Black. I’m here at the ABA Techshow with Carolyn Elefant. Carolyn is first of all my good friend, also an attorney, she is the co-author, along with me, of Social Media for Lawyers. She also is a solo guru, she wrote the book Solo by Choice and is an expert on running a solo practice. I’m so happy to have you here Carolyn.

Carolyn Elefant: Good.

Niki Black: Thanks so much. What I want to ask you about first is what advice do you have for solo, or attorney’s who are thinking of going solo?

Carolyn Elefant: I think one of the first things they might want to do is identify a niche area of practice in a field that is growing. Technology is creating so many different practice areas and so even if you’re doing something traditional like family law, maybe you want to focus on family law with the focus on issues that come up with social media or something like that. So, then you have your eye on where things are going.

Niki Black: Okay, that makes a lot of sense. So my other question that I wanted to ask you was what do you think the top technology trends are that attorneys need to be aware of in 2016.

Carolyn Elefant: Well, definitely at this point, some kind of practice management. I know it’s been on this scene for a long time, but, um – and there are a lot of options. So, definitely that. I think also things to look at that are more on the horizon are different things that are being done with data and analytics.

Again, a lot of practice areas like social security law where, you know, you can get a lot of data to look at trends and I think that there are companies that are starting to capitalize on that, make predictive analysis, and I think that’s really important for solo attorneys and small to be able to share with their clients and also use to market themselves.

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