Interview With Bob Ambrogi:
Must-Have Legal Technologies For 2016

In March, MyCase exhibited at ABA Techshow in Chicago. While there, I jumped at the opportunity to interview some of the speakers and experts in attendance from the legal technology space, including Bob Ambrogi, long-time legal technology blogger and expert.

In the video below (with transcript) he shares his predictions for legal technology trends in 2016 and we discuss must-have technology for lawyers:


Niki Black: Hi. This is Niki Black. I’m here at ABA Techshow and I’m here with Bob Ambrogi. He’s an attorney and the blogger at LawSites. Welcome Bob.

Bob Ambrogi: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Niki Black: My pleasure. What I want to talk to you about is legal technology since that’s your space and I think you have a lot of expertise to offer. So, the first question I have for you is can you tell me what you think the one legal technology must-have is for lawyers in 2016?

Bob Ambrogi: Well, I think you’re going to be happy with my answer, Niki, because what I think lawyers need to be doing is having a practice management system in place. I feel like I’m getting to be a broken record, because I’ve actually been saying this for a number of years. And I’m really glad to see that over the last two or three years in particular I think a lot of lawyers have started to really understand the importance of having a practice management system and having a cloud-based system so that you have access to it from all of your devices, all of the time.

Keeping track of all of your matters in one place, there’s just no better way to do that and to make sure you’re copying your cases, and make sure you stay out of trouble, you meet deadlines, you make sure you know where everything is related to your case, than having a practice management system.

Niki Black: Right, well I’m glad I asked that question. And my next question, is what do you think the top legal technology trend is for 2016?

Bob Ambrogi: Uh, I’m really interested in the analytics. You know, last year saw the acquisition of LexMockup by LexusNexus, that in itself is significant I think. But, you know, the ability to take data that’s already been kind of available to lawyers for a long time and to slice and dice it in ways that you get inside into cases and research and billing and competition and all sorts of things you just didn’t have before.

You know, LexMockup’s a good example of just the ability to take pacer data that’s been available for years and suddenly show you information about judges, about competing law firms, about cases that you can’t just see by going into Pacer. So, I think analytics is something that is going to continue to evolve in the next couple of years and become a really important tool for lawyers and all sorts of practices and also in the marketing side it’s an important tool for helping to understand your competition.

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