How Providing Better Client Communication Can Boost Your Law Firm’s Business

The following blog post was written by MyCase Customer Success Manager Brittany Jordan. Brittany helps MyCase customers increase their efficiency every day with the help of technology. Have questions about your MyCase account? Contact our award-winning support team.

A Modern Website = Better Client Communication

Providing better client communication allows you to take your law firm’s business to the next level, but it can also be one of the more time-consuming tasks of managing your law practice. Does providing great customer service mean checking your email every two minutes? Does better client communication require answering calls all day and night?

As a MyCase Customer Success Manager, I speak with dozens of attorneys daily about how to improve their practice’s day-to-day operations – especially when it comes to ensuring their firm’s client communications run smoothly. There is a common story I often hear, and it’s one I’m sure most of you can relate to:

A large part of calls and emails with my office are back-and-forth communications with clients reminding them about emails and documents sent to them. Before MyCase, I used to constantly receive calls and emails from clients who had lost or deleted an email, an invoice, or simply wanted a reminder about the next steps in their case. 

Once our clients started using my firm’s Client Portal in MyCase, they called and emailed less because all of their important legal and case information could be found in one spot. No more rooting through their inbox (filtering through family emails and flash sale promotions from their favorite online store) to find what they needed.

With a secure client portal, my clients can access the important case-related information from virtually anywhere, without having to contact me directly. Having all this time freed up allows me to meet with more prospective clients and grow my caseload.


How Communication Begins With Your Clients

Whether it’s a prospective client viewing your website for the first time or a current client who needs a reminder on how they can use the Client Portal, having a Client Portal Features Page is a great asset to your website.


MyCase Client Portal Features Page


The built-in Client Portal Features Page is a great way to let your potential clients know that your firm takes security seriously. By showing that your firm prioritizes keeping its clients’ personal and case information secure, encrypted, and accessible, you give prospective clients one more reason to retain your firm.

There are so many ways to communicate today, and the conversations you have with your clients are essential to your success as an attorney. The MyCase Client Portal keeps your clients’ data safe and organized behind a unique, secure login. And let’s be honest, sifting through an inbox for a message from their attorney is the last thing your clients need to worry about. You probably chose MyCase legal practice management software to save time and streamline your work; your clients chose you because you provide great customer service and because they trust you.

How Your Firm’s Client Portal Features Page Brings Clients To You

Prospective clients can get a sneak peek at how you do business before a consultation or even before they call you because you’ve provided this information right on your website. Our websites team has already built the Client Portal features page into many of our customer’s law firm websites: here’s what their clients are seeing.

If you are a current MyCase customer with a MyCase law firm website, contact our websites team at to add this feature to your law firm’s website. It’s a great tool to bring in new clients and in no time flat, you’ll start reaping the benefits of faster, more secure client communication.

Don’t have a law firm website yet? Our professional web developers are more than happy to help you with this. 

Check out some of the websites we’ve built so far.

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