How Mobile Payments Provide A Better Client Experience

The following post was written by Lindsey Ito, a MyCase Payments Specialist. Lindsey has been helping MyCase users receive online payments from their clients for the past 2 years.

Wanna Get Paid?

Of course you do, you’re a busy attorney. So, what could be better than being able to access your documents and case information from anywhere?

How about allowing your clients pay you from anywhere, at anytime, in a way that is convenient for them?

The ease and convenience of mobile payments makes paying a bill simple and provides instant gratification — all while bringing your firm into the 21st century. Plus, your clients prefer quick and easy service, especially when it comes to paying you.

Give Clients Options, Get Paid Faster

Contactless point-of-sale is steadily rising as a percentage of overall transactions for all types of businesses. One reason for this increase is that studies show that younger consumers prefer accessing their biller’s site (for example, your MyCase client portal) over initiating a bank transfer through their banking institution.

The use of mobile payments by law firm clients is also increasing. Did you know that 40% of legal bills paid through MyCase payments are made using a mobile device? That’s because mobile payments allow lawyers to keep their operating costs low, while giving their clients the flexibility to choose how and when to pay.

Since we understand how important it is to give your clients choices when it comes to when and how they pay you, we recently made enhancements to the client view of invoices and payment forms on mobile devices. Now it’s even easier for your clients to make payments through their smartphones or tablets, and choose from any number of payment options, such as eChecks and all major debit and credit cards.   

MyCase Payment - What the Client Sees

When your clients login to MyCase from their mobile device’s web browser and click “view invoice” they will see the invoice’s details nicely displayed and they can easily pay that invoice on the bottom!

Send Payment Reminders

In addition to making it easier for your clients to pay their invoices from their smartphone, you can easily send payment reminders to your clients to gently remind them about an outstanding balance. Instead of having to mail a check, or have your client come into your office, you can send a reminder email with just a few clicks, and your clients can pay their balance online. You’ll even be notified when a payment processes!

The Final Verdict

By 2020, 70% of the population will own a smartphone and 90% will be covered by a mobile broadband network. With the expansion of mobile connectivity, dependency on mobile devices will continue to see an upward trend. That’s why as people become more dependent on their mobile devices and awareness of mobile payments increases, non-traditional payment methods are likewise increasing in popularity. Case in point: in 2016, it was reported that 40% of Americans use their smartphone instead of a payment card to make purchases when they are checking out of a store. And, in 2016, U.S. online and mobile bill payments accounted for 55% of all bills paid.

The bottom line is that the flexibility and ease of mobile payments will make your firm indispensable to your clients. Not only will you have the option to send an invoice from your office computer or on the run, but your client will also have the option to go mobile.

Ready to start using MyCase Payments to streamline your legal billing? Contact one of our MyCase Payment Specialists and get started today!

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