How Legal Case Management Software Can Change Your Practice

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Bar disciplinary actions–they’re something every lawyer worries about. The good news is that the most common client complaints that lead to disciplinary actions can be easily avoided by using innovative 21st century tools–such as legal case management software–designed to help you stay on top of your busy law practice and change the way that you do business.

But first, what are the biggest reasons for client complaints? According to Todd Scott at the RU@Risk blog, lack of organization and failure to communicate with clients are among the leading reasons behind many ethics complaints: “Allegations of lawyer incompetence, disorganization, having a conflict of interest or not properly communicating with the client dominate many of the ethics complaints clients make against lawyers when they are unsatisfied with their matter outcome.”

The good news is that legal case management software makes it easy to avoid these types of claims. As Scott explains:

(C)ase management software is in a class of its own for organizing a law office that may otherwise be in disarray…

A basic case management system will replace paper calendars, rolodexes, timesheets, notepads, manual tickler systems, and telephone message pads.

But sophisticated case management software programs can do more than just help keep your law firm organized; more robust programs can change the way that you serve your clients, while simultaneously solving the client communication problem as well.

Regular client contact is the key to happy clients, as Jared Correia recently explained at the Attorney at Work blog. He recommends that you ensure that you regularly contact your clients about their cases, even if nothing new has happened:

A main ingredient of the vast majority of bar complaints circles around lawyers’ poor communication cycles with clients…One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a lawyer is only talking to your clients when you need something from them, or when they call to yell at you. Set up a protocol to contact your clients on a recurring pattern, just to check in.

And that’s where effective legal case management software with built-in client portals comes in. Using online portals, your clients have instantaneous access to information about their cases and can quickly and easily find answers to many of their most common questions. They’ll no longer need to contact you to find out their next court date or obtain a copy of a document from their file.

Instead, your clients will have 24/7 access to their files and can use their client portal to get whatever information they need, right when they need it–even if it’s the middle of the night. And, that leads to happy clients, as Mark Brenner, a MyCase customer, recently explained:

 “In California you can actually get sanctioned by the Bar for not adequately communicating with your client…That risk has been virtually eliminated with MyCase because my clients are always notified whenever I work on a case. And my clients feel validated by the notification. As a result, my index of dissatisfied clients has simply disappeared. All of my clients feel like they are my only client–and it’s all because of MyCase.”

That’s why the right legal case management software can change your law practice. You no longer have to struggle to stay organized and in touch with your clients. Instead, case management software simplifies your practice, making it easier than ever for you to efficiently run your busy practice and focus what really matters: practicing law and achieving good outcomes for your clients.

–Nicole Black

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