How Lawyers Can Get Paid Faster in 2018

In today’s predominantly digital climate lawyers are practicing law by virtue of tablet and smartphone. All that was once a pen and paper affair has materialized on a digital plane — and along with it, processes have been streamlined that previously drained hours from the workday.  

Yet in spite of this, one of the biggest hurdles firms face to this day is getting paid. Even with modern tech solutions handling the brunt of administrative tasks, the issue persists leaving even the most progressive firms at the mercy of their client’s will.

And so with that, the MyCase team faced the reality of finding a way to motivate the clients of their customers to pay. Upon closer inspection, the root of the problem could be traced back to the approach taken in soliciting payment. Sure automated reminders helped. But compounding the problem? Forcing clients to take extraneous (or unwanted) steps to processing their payments.

Late and Defaulted Payments Solved

We designed MyCase Payments with a big objective in mind: delve into the billing and invoicing needs of lawyers and come out the other end with a global solution. And it’s here!

In response to this nagging problem, MyCase is proud to announce the release of the easiest payment method to date: a secure payment link. From here on in, your law firm’s clients are no longer required to log into a client portal in order to pay their bills electronically — they can do so directly from their email (or any preferred messaging app or SMS).

A celebratory milestone for the MyCase team, this new addition to our payments tool set has already cut the time lawyers get paid in half, further underscoring the benefits of ease of payment.  

How it Works

To give you an idea of just how easy it is for clients to pay their bills with the new MyCase Payments, we’ve broken the process out into 3 steps:

  1. You copy the client’s unique payment link from their latest invoice
  2. You paste the link into an email, SMS message or chat and send to client
  3. Clients click the link, and are taken to a simple, secure credit card form where they can easily pay.

That’s it. MyCase generates the link automatically and you send it on its way.

The Difference MyCase Payments Makes

To the benefit of both your and your clients, MyCase payments stresses convenience and security in equal measure with the following enhancements designed to trump standard invoicing.

1) Send invoices in the way you prefer

In as little as 3 clicks, law firms can now send invoices directly to clients in PDF form. These invoices can include a payment link if you desire. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

2) Get paid quickly without requiring additional steps from your clients

When clicked, our new payment link takes your clients directly to a unique payment page to enter their credit card info. They do not have to create a password or login. By circumventing this extra step, they’re more inclined to pay their invoices upon receipt.

3) Become more efficient with more payments reconciling back to MyCase

Whenever clients pay through their unique payment link, the action is tracked in MyCase by triggering the following automatic updates:

  • The specific invoice and case
  • Reporting & accounting
  • Notification activity in MyCase
  • And emails sent notifying of payment.

In doing so, MyCase users are always kept up to date on when the latest payments were made, who paid them, and the amount processed.

4) Stay in compliance while offering clients easy ways to pay you

Communication with clients is key. By allowing MyCase users to offer a payment method both they can their clients agree upon, law firms can establish positive rapport with their clients leading to future business.

Payment link available for copy – provided by the attorney over the phone, via text message, or through their own email client, MyCase users can send this link to clients. When clients click the link, they’re taken directly to a payment page to enter their credit card info

Payment link on PDF – When exporting invoices (to send digitally or physically) from MyCase, the secure payment link is automatically included on it for your convenience and that of the client’s.

Payment link in email body – Sending an email through MyCase now automatically includes a “Pay Now” button (when using MyCase Payments).

Best of all, the client enters their card info themselves at their own discretion. The firm never has possession in any of these scenarios meaning you’re not putting yourself at risk of breaking PCI compliance.

How to send a Payment Link via Email

With MyCase Payments, sending a payment link via email or otherwise can be done in a few simple steps. Here’s what it looks like from inside the MyCase interface.

1) After creating an invoice in MyCase, click the Email Invoice icon on the invoice header:

2) Select the recipient(s) of your invoice. You will then see a preview of the email message along with the PDF invoice attachment. Afterwards hit Send:

3) Your invoice will be emailed directly to your contact’s email address for them to review and pay.

Interested in giving MyCase Payments a try? Find out how to get started here.


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