Get To Know:
Manager of Sales Development, Karen Gray

Headshot originalWhat is your position with MyCase?

I manage a team of sales development representatives and software specialists who are charged with showing the value of MyCase to prospective customers and leading them through the trial process.

How did you end up working for MyCase? 

In looking at companies all around Santa Barbara, I was initially struck by the reputation of MyCase. The company culture is extremely positive and energetic. This reputation was confirmed when I had lunch with some of the leadership team and I knew that MyCase was the place for me.

What does your job entail? 

What’s most exciting about my position is the variety of things that I do on a daily basis. It’s a cliché but no two days are truly the same. Having said that, I try to spend most of my time working with my team, giving them the support they need, and speaking with as many attorneys as possible to learn more about what they need from a practice management solution.

What is the most difficult part of your job? 

The most difficult part of my job is that I only get to work with our clients for a short period of time. The nature of what the sales development team does is developing relationships with prospective customers.  Once they join the MyCase family, they start working with our Customer Success Team. I would love to circle back with our customers more often to see how they are doing. But, I know they are getting great support from my colleagues, so it’s ok.

What’s the best part of your job? 

The best part of my day is working with my amazing team and speaking with our clients.  As a former practicing attorney, I love hearing how technology is helping solo practitioners and small firms streamline their practice.  I remember what it was like to use a clunky software platform. Hearing from MyCase customers about how our tool helps them save time reassures me that I made the right to decision to leave the practice of law and join the legal technology space.

Where are you originally from and how did you end up in Santa Barbara?

I was born, and spent most of life, in Massachusetts. For last 13 years, downtown Boston was home and I loved it.  Some of my family moved to Santa Barbara about 6 years ago and, after visiting a few times a year, this place grows on you. Leaving Boston was hard, but joining MyCase made the decision a lot easier.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I have two extremely energetic young boys that keep me busy! Between attending their soccer games and enjoying all the beauty that is Santa Barbara, there is never a dull moment!  When I get a few days to get away, I try to head back to Boston to spend time with family and friends.

Do you have any unusual hobbies?

I really enjoy planning parties and events. I almost enjoy the planning phase more than attending them. I also am an amateur silk screener and enjoy designing and making my own t-shirts.

Tell me about your family/pets, etc.? 

I have an amazing family! My husband and I met in law school – we were in the same first year section – and both currently work in the legal technology space. We have two boys, ages 7 & 4, and a 9-year-old German Shepherd named Ollie. 

Do you have a favorite saying or quote and if so, what is it and why?

Martha Stewart is a great source of inspiration, both for business and party planning.  She is a self-made business leader and makes everything her own in a creative way.  She once said, “So the pie isn’t perfect? Cut it into wedges. Stay in control, and never panic.”  Working in such a fast-paced environment, it’s important to keep calm and take each challenge as a new opportunity for improvement. 

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