Get Ready For 2019:
Watch The MyCase 2018 Webinar Series

Ready or not, 2019 is just around the corner. No doubt you’re in the midst of 2019 planning for your law firm. After all, what better time than now to get your law firm positioned for success in the coming year?

If streamlining your law firm and increasing productivity is one of your top goals, then the MyCase webinars from the past year are a great place to start! If you’ve attended a few of them, you know how helpful they can be. And if you missed some, never fear! We record each and every webinar and share them on our blog, so it’s not too late to watch them and learn everything you need to know – straight from the mouths of legal industry experts – to help you get your firm off to a strong start in the new year!

So, without further ado, here are descriptions of our webinars from the past year so that you can choose which ones to watch over the holiday break. In no time flat, you’ll be well on your way to creating a solid 2019 business plan for your law firm!

Money out the Window: How to Measure Your Marketing ROI for Lawyers

In this webinar, Stacey Burke, lawyer and law firm business consultant shares her marketing wisdom and shows you how to work within your budget to create marketing initiatives that actually bring clients through your door.You’ll learn how to: 1) Select the right marketing vendors for your practice, 2) identify the ROI metrics that directly affect your firm’s bottom line, 3) track ROI efficiently for both online and offline expenditures, and 4) set a baseline for your marketing ROI.

Signposts of Antiquity: When to Move Your Practice to the Cloud

In this webinar, Heidi Alexander, lawyer, author, and Director of the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program offers advice on boosting your law firm’s productivity and staying compliant with the latest ethics standards. Among other things, you’ll learn about: 1)The benefits of using the cloud to store and access law firm data, 2) how to vet cloud providers and ensure that they’ll keep your data secure, 3) how to make a fortuitous transition to the cloud, and 4) what security precautions to take to ensure the security of your data.

Fixed Fees – Ditching the Billable Hour

In this webinar, Debra Bruce, President of Lawyer-Coach LLC and seat holder of the Law Practice Management Committee of the State Bar of Texas explains how, with a little legwork and diligent planning, you can move away from hourly billing and better manage your law firm’s finances in a way that fortifies your client relationships going forward. She’ll teach you: 1) The logistics behind making fixed fees work for your practice, 2) the ethical rules that impact fixed fees, 3) how to make fixed fees more profitable, and 4) how, why, and when to involve your client in determining the fixed fee.

Practicing at the Top of Your Law License: How to Build Efficiency and Make More Money

In this webinar, Jared D. Correia, lawyer, CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, and legal advice columnist teaches you how to make more money by increasing your law firm’s efficiencies. You’ll learn how to design your practice in a way that promotes efficiency by: 1) Effectively delegating to your staff, 2) developing multiple workflows, 3) using technology to streamline your processes, and 4) automating everything you can.

LinkedIn, There’s Something Different About You

In this webinar, Nancy Myrland, President of Myrland Marketing & Social Media and Founder of The Lawyer’s Marketing Academy shares the ins and outs of interacting on LinkedIn for lawyers, a social network where many attorneys are connecting with clients, potential clients, influencers, and others important to the growth of their practice. From this webinar you’ll learn: 1) How to leverage LinkedIn’s latest updates,  2) the ins and outs of the platform’s newest marketing tools, and 3) how to increase your law firm’s visibility to potential clients.

Turning More Traffic Into Fees

In this webinar, lawyer and co-founder of AttorneySync, Gyi Tsakalakis explores some of the most common issues that prevent law firms from turning traffic into clients. Gyi covers a host of topics, including: 1) how to identify conversion issues, 2) 3 of the most common conversion issues encountered by lawyers, 3) a strategy for fixing conversion issues, and 4) tips for benchmarking and improving conversion rates.

Ethical and Practical Guidelines for Use of Social Media

In this webinar, Dustin Cole, President of Attorney Master Class, shares 5 practical principles for ethical and effective social media marketing. He reveals how ABA Model Rules 7.1-7.6, Information on Legal Services, apply to your activities on social media and then explains: 1) Who you should be communicating with, 2) what your messages should be, 3) when you should communicate, and 4)
where you should post.

Roadmap to a Paperless Law Firm

In this webinar, attorney, author and founder of PaperlessChase, Ernie Svenson shows you how to leverage technology to streamline your firm’s workflows and document access.  He’ll guide you through the process of creating an efficient paperless law firm. You’ll learn: 1) The biggest myth about paperless lawyering, 2) which documents you MUST keep in paper form, 3) the top 5 benefits of a paperless law practice, and 4) how to start transitioning (the answer may surprise you!).

Tips for Automating Your Law Practice

In this webinar, Heidi Alexander, lawyer and Deputy Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, explains how automating tasks can help you save time, reduce mistakes, enhance client service, and improve your bottom line. Watch now to learn: 1) The basics of law firm automation, 2) the processes in your firm that can and should be automated, 3) the top automation tools for lawyers, and 4) how to implement automation tools in your practice.

Rebuild Your Law Firm Processes with Law Practice Management Software

In this webinar, lawyer and CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, Jared D. Correia, teaches you why reformatting your law practice based on the features of a law practice management system is a coherent and effective way to build a better law firm. He’ll focus on the 5 key aspects of practice management that can be addressed through the consistent use of a law practice management system and you’ll learn how to: 1) Create a better client communications system, 2) build a paperless document management program, 3) develop staff workflows, 4) author billing and collection protocols, and 5) project revenue and create goals using report tools.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Google Scholar

In this webinar, Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch, President and Vice-President of Internet for Lawyers walk you through the ins and outs of conducting free Internet legal and investigative research using Google Scholar. You’ll learn to: 1) Conduct legal research using Google Scholar case law and articles, 2) create targeted keyword/phrase searches to improve your research, 3) speed up your searches with advanced filters and a hidden search feature, 4) conduct investigative research into parties, judges, attorneys, and expert witnesses as well as helpful non-law topics.

So what are you waiting for? 2019 is just around the bend and you’ve got planning to do! Watch a few of these webinars and get ready for the new year. And don’t forget to enjoy the holiday season while you’re at it! You’ve worked hard all year and deserve a break. Here’s to wishing you and yours wonderful holidays and a successful 2019!


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