Introducing MyCase ACH Payments!

payments_launchWe’re incredibly excited to excited to announce that we’ll soon be launching a new feature: MyCase ACH Payments! This feature will be offered as a free service to all eligible customers.

Our new Payments feature is exclusively integrated with MyCase and supports both operating and trust bank accounts. Payments offers one-stop access to billing, invoicing, and payment processing, making it easier than ever for you to get paid!

With MyCase Payments, you can accept online payments directly from client checking accounts (also known as eCheck, Automated Clearing House or ACH payments) through your MyCase account.

Using Payments, which was developed with your unique needs as an attorney in mind and thus protects your trust account, you’re able to accept eCheck (ACH) payments for free:

  • Access from your MyCase account, no 3rd party
  • Get paid faster by letting your clients pay online
  • Comply with trust account regulations.

Want to learn more about ACH payments, how this new feature works, and how it will benefit both you and your clients? Well you’re in luck! Over the next few weeks we’ll tell you all you need to know about MyCase Payments. So, check back next week for more on the fundamentals of ACH payments.

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