New Release: Google Sync for MyCase

The MyCase team is once again proud to announce the release of a couple highly requested features, Google Sync and Practice Areas.

Google Sync is available immediately and is accessible through the settings page. The sync will allow you to have 2 way sync between your MyCase and Google calendar. This means that appointments entered in MyCase will show up in Google and appointments entered into Google will show up in MyCase. You may be asking yourself how you are able to share and assign appointments to cases when adding an appointment in Google, and that would be a good question! We have solved that problem with an intuitive and easy solution.

Whenever you add an appointment in Google that is assigned to your MyCase calendar and then log in to MyCase, you will have ‘unresolved appointments’ available to view in the MyCase dock at the bottom of the screen. Click the Google icon in the dock and you will be given an easy way to assign and share all those appointments you entered in from Google.

This sync also now allows you to enter appointments on your smartphone, so long as it is synced properly with Google. We will be posting help files on how to accomplish this shortly, but if you have immediate questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected] The ability to sync your MyCase contacts with Google is under development and will be available soon.

Last but certainly not least, we have also launched the ability to label a case with its particular practice area. We have provided a basic list of practice areas but you have full control to edit those practice areas however you desire.

These features, as always, are both available to you now without you having to do a thing!

Your MyCase Team

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