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Steps to Ensure You Capture All Billable Time

How often have you looked back and questioned why your billable time doesn’t measure up to all the long hours you’ve spent in the office?

Get paid for what you’re owed, faster.

Find out how McFarling Law Group increased their collectability from 60% to 85% with using MyCase.

In this webinar, Vanst Law’s Litigation and Trial Partner, Jacqueline Vinaccia, walked us through proven ways to detect holes in your billing system, as well as how to develop patches for the recurring leaks you have known about and struggled with for years.

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3:22 – Billing: The Scourge of Lawyer’s Existence

8:36 – What Drains Billable Time?

16:38 – Contemporaneous Billing

22:17 – Methods for Capturing Billable Time

26:55 – Collections

31:13 – Not Write-Offs!

41:40 – Q&A


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