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Life On Purpose – An Alternative Approach To Work-Life Challenges

estrowLeading life as a lawyer isn’t always the easiest career course to navigate. Combined with the unexpected stressful moments solo and small-firm attorneys encounter throughout their career, finding a balance in life that includes success and sanity can sometimes be a tricky one.

That’s why one of our core missions at MyCase is to share advice on making life a little bit easier for lawyers. Yes, our software is built for handling tasks like online invoicing and payments, document management, and improved client communication – all designed to help you run a more efficient law firm (which makes life easier). But we also realize that sometimes it’s the stuff outside of your practice that can affect your work…even more than your work!

Ellen Ostrow, a psychologist and Founding Principal of Lawyers Life Coach, understands that this work-life balance eludes most of us, which is why she’ll be sharing tips on the importance of resilience and aligning your life with your values in the next MyCase legal webinar: “Life on Purpose: An Alternative Approach to Work-Life Challenges.”

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In this free, 60-minute webinar on Wednesday, April 27th at 11AM PT/2pm ET, you’ll learn about:

  • Debunking the work-life balance myth
  • Resilience: lessons from a Bobo Doll
  • Values and purpose: keys to resilience
  • Aligning your life with your values
  • How people and organizations can thrive by making time for life
  • Much more!

Looking for a little peace and quite and can’t wait until the end of the month? Check out our 8-minute Meditation Resource to find your Zen in under ten!

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