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Your Client Posted What!?! Top Social Media Concerns For Lawyers And Clients

Social Media Attorney Scott MaloufUsing social media to help market and grow your firm is not necessarily a groundbreaking concept these days. In fact, on the MyCase blog we regularly focus on how social media participation can benefit your law practice.

For example, a couple months ago we had a great legal webinar covering “5 Really Great Examples of Lawyers Using Social Media”, and we recently released a new infographic on “How Lawyers are Using Social Media in 2016.” Yet, social media isn’t just about marketing your firm (or venting about politics).

Your clients are using social media to tell their stories, market their companies, and even find jobs. Knowing this, astute attorneys understand that social media information can help them win cases and grow their practices. The challenge is understanding how to go about doing so effectively and ethically.

That’s why we invited attorney and social media evidence consultant Scott Malouf to discuss in our upcoming webinar: 1) how to use social media in your cases and 2) the top legal issues clients face when they get social.

Register here for this special 30-minute webinar on March 23rd, 2016 at 11am PT/2pm ET where you’ll learn:

  • What to do when social media may be relevant to a case
  • How to manage key ethics challenges
  • How modern businesses are using social media
  • Several key laws and issues affecting business social media use
  • Actionable tips & where to find more information
  • Expanded Q&A period.

We understand how busy solo and small firm attorneys can be, so if you can’t make it on the 23rd (even for 30 minutes), register anyway so that after the webinar, we’ll send you a link of the slides and video recording of Attorney Malouf’s presentation.

So don’t wait! Make sure to register for “Your Client Posted What!?! Top Social Media Concerns for Lawyers and Clients.” Click here.

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