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Choosing Legal Tech for Your Law Office


Remember the days before DVR when you had to actually be in front of a TV to watch your favorite show? Maybe you were one of the lucky ones with a state-of-the-art VCR that had had 3 remotes and some basic programmable recording features. But for most of us, if we wanted to watch NBC’s Must-See TV on Thursday nights, we literally needed to be on our couches watching it unfold at that exact moment. Otherwise, we missed out on the latest with Ross and Rachel.

Not anymore.

For decades, technology has ingrained itself more and more into our daily lives. And while average Americans check their smartphone way too many times per day (46), for the most part, technology makes things easier in our personal lives and seamlessly connects us to the world we in which we live.

But how are you using technology in your law firm? Choosing the right technology can give small firms a large law firm advantage. In fact, many of the most impactful upgrades are cheap and easy. So where do you start?

Attorney and legal technology columnist, Jeff Bennion, knows a thing or two about legal technology, which is why we asked him to host our upcoming webinar, “Choosing Legal Tech for Your Law Office” on Wednesday, May 25th at 11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET.

Register Here!

In this webinar, learn how to work at peak efficiency, reduce administrative hassles, and other best-tech practices like:

  • Choosing the right software for your firm
  • Choosing the right hardware for your firm
  • How often you should upgrade
  • Using tablets in your firm
  • The best upgrades you can get for your firm
  • Much more!

Hope you can make it! But we know life gets busy, so if you register and can’t make it to the live session, we’ll send you a video recording and the slides. How’s that for must-see technology?

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