Follow Up Webinar Questions:
You Asked, Mary Answered! (Part 2)

wenzelDuring our most recent webinar, ‘Kickstart Your Legal Marketing in One Hour,” we learned how to step up your legal marketing from Mary Wenzel, the founder of Write Law and legal marketing master.

If you missed it, you can watch a recording of the webinar and view the slide deck here to learn all about steps you can take to market your law firm like a pro.

During the webinar, there were a number of great questions asked from attendees that Mary didn’t have sufficient time to answer. Fortunately, she was kind enough to provide us with her answers. The first round of answers can be found here. Here are the answers to the remaining questions.

Social Media

Do you have any data regarding the marketing ROI of LinkedIn?  In my experience, everyone on LinkedIn is bragging and no one is listening.

Really diving into to a discussion of ROI is hard on a webinar Q&A. With LinkedIn or any marketing channel for that matter, you have to look at whether or not your audience is on LinkedIn and whether or not marketing there beyond creating a profile and connecting with colleagues fits into your marketing goals and budget. LinkedIn is a non-negotiable marketing channel for attorneys in my opinion because everyone is on there and it is an easy place to host a searchable, internet friendly profile and resume. Beyond that, it really depends on your practice area and how you want to engage. 

We’re dealing with a ‘snake oil’ salesman. We ended our connections with him and he now has our Facebook page held ‘hostage.” Is there anyway to get it back? He’s also threatening to ruin us online. Please help!

Well that sinks! There are a couple of things you could try. You could try reporting the page to Facebook if the salesperson is still managing it. If it is unmanaged you can try and claim it through Facebook. At a minimum you should be able to get the page taken down and then you can recreate another page if you’d like.

This is an important lesson in both the social media space and for websites. You always want to be the one to own the account or website url. You should give contractors personalized access to the account that you can revoke, not the other way around. Because unfortunately unscrupulous people will take advantage if they are given the chance.

Do you suggest paying Facebook to boost posts from your business page?

Sometimes. I’ve spent a significant amount of money on Facebook ads and boosting posts. Sometimes it works really well and other times it doesn’t. It really depends on what your goal is for boosting the post.

Should my firm have a LinkedIn profile or just the attorneys in it?

My recommendation is that every person in your firm sets up a LinkedIn profile. That goes for attorneys, support staff, and even interns. I also encourage you to set up a LinkedIn page for the firm so that every person in your firm is connected to the business page.

Any general advice for people who want to use social media marketing but aren’t very social on social media?

If you aren’t very social on social media, my suggestion would be pick just one platform for your firm to use and focus your energy there. To create engagement you want to make at least three non-promotional posts for every promotional post you make. We’ve got suggestions for how to do that on our blog.

Where could I find more pointers/webinars about what can and cannot be posted on social media sites and blogs regarding certain cases?

Because that is often state specific, it is best to can check out your state bar’s ethics opinions.


What do you think about word of mouth through other attorneys?  Or trying to do pitches directly to the clients/corporations?

Developing personal relationships and strategic alliances with other attorneys who can connect you with your perfect client is always a wonderful way to go. And your strategic alliances don’t even have to be other attorneys, you can develop relationships with professionals who are connect to your perfect clients, just don’t pay the non-attorneys a referral fee!

If you are focused on doing legal work for corporations suing other corporations, I’ve found that usual networking events don’t have credit personnel but rather sales personnel. So where would Mary suggest that people go to network if they are seeking to connect with business decision makers.

Depending on the size of the businesses you are targeting, the sales person may be able to introduce you to a decision-maker within the company. Other suggestions would be to participate in the professional organizations those decision-makers are involved in. Those may be mastermind groups, strategic planning communities, or other social communities that support c-suite executives.

Email Marketing

How do I go about obtaining a list of recipients for email marketing?

I am sure you already know this but you can’t buy a list and mass email people without their permission. With that being said, there are a lot of ways to grow your email list. My first recommendation is to collect the names and email addresses of all of your professional contacts. This list could include:

  • Current and former clients
  • Networking contacts
  • Law school friends
  • Mentors
  • Professors.

Once you’ve gathered their information, you can send an email letting them know that you intend to start a regular email newsletter on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and ask them to opt-in to receive the emails.

To get people to opt into your email list you can also do things like:

  • offer a free download on your website,
  • run a Facebook survey, and
  • give presentations.


Where is the best place to hire a writer to draft content?

I may be a little biased but I think my team at Write Law is the best around!

What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of the online Yellow Page listings?

Generally speaking I don’t think they are effective, there are a few practice areas where the argument can be made that they are helpful. But those areas are the exception rather than the rule. I think your money can be better spent elsewhere.

Are postcards offer more, less, or the same effectiveness as direct mail. Is bulk mail more effective or less effective than using regular postage?

I am not a bulk mail marketing expert. I know just enough to be dangerous. So if you are deciding between letters, postcards, and other types of physical mail delivery I would encourage you to talk to someone who specializes in that type of marketing. 

Please share your thoughts about marketing companies that provided attorneys with potential client leads? What do you think of the lead per pay method?

When I left my old firm I went to work for a lead generation marketing company. I initially thought it was bogus, but as I got to know and understand the process I realized there was real value in the way we marketed for both our clients (the attorneys who bought the leads) and the potential clients we connected them with. Pay per lead marketing essentially allows attorneys to take advantage of a larger pool of cash for their marketing, enabling them to make bigger media buys and get better ad placement. Some of the most successful firms in the country use lead generation as a big part of their marketing and it works.

A couple points of caution though.

Make sure you approve the screening form or intake form used to screen potential leads before you agree to the marketing. I saw a lot of unnecessary frustration caused by attorneys not understanding what questions would be asked of a potential client before the lead was sent to them.

Make sure the lead is EXCLUSIVE. You don’t want to pay for leads that are being sent to multiple attorneys.

Don’t buy more leads than you can reasonably screen and be ready for the leads, it isn’t always possible to guarantee when the leads will come through, so be ready to talk to 5 people one day and 0 people the next.

Any marketing providers you could recommend?

It depends on what kind of marketing you need help with. I think our consulting services are a great place to start. We offer free 30 minute marketing strategy sessions for new clients which you can schedule here and then hourly consulting to help with all of your marketing questions.

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