Feldman Law Group:
Busier and More Organized Than Ever Because of MyCase

We recently spoke with long-time MyCase customer Aaron Feldman, and he explained how MyCase has been instrumental to the growth of his law firm. Here are some highlights from the video above.


My name is Aaron Feldman with Feldman Law Group. We’re here in Walnut Creek, California. Our mission is to provide high quality, personalized service to our clients. What makes our law firm stand out is the things that MyCase allows us to do. Because of the systems in place through MyCase, our clients feel like they’re getting a better level of service from us because we are able to stay in contact better than our competitors.

“Because of MyCase we’ve never been this busy, and at the same time we’ve never had things this under control.”

The features that MyCase has continued to add and develop have enabled us to handle a higher volume of clients, and that has just fueled the profitability of the firm. We were talking about this a couple of weeks ago – that all of a sudden we have 4 estate plan signings in one day, and a couple of years ago that would have been a good month. So we’re now able to have 10, 12, or even 15 estate plan signings over the course of a month. And yet we don’t feel overwhelmed at all by the volume that we’re handling because of MyCase.

“As soon as we started using MyCase’s electronic payments our bills got paid rapidly – and they got paid fully.”

When I have a consultation with somebody who wants to become a client, the ability to create a fee agreement from a template in leads and then to turn that into a PDF that is sent out for electronic signature – it takes minutes now. And then the intake forms that we’ve developed to go along with our practice areas go out automatically and are easy to for clients to complete.

“Emails, text messages, client messages, all of it is in one place. And that it really makes things much more efficient.”


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