Cloudy With Improved Productivity

Cloud computing: it’s the future of computing. That’s why so many businesses, including law firms, are moving to the cloud more quickly than ever before. In fact, just last week we reported on the results of the American Bar Association’s 2013 Legal Technology Survey, which found that lawyers’ use of cloud computing software to manage their law firms increased by more than 30% in 2013, with nearly one third of all lawyers surveyed reporting that they used cloud computing software in their law practices.

So, why are so many lawyers are using cloud computing? Simply put: convenience, affordability, and increased productivity. After all, why use law practice management software to run your law firm if it’s not going to save you time and money?

That’s why 74% of the lawyers surveyed for the ABA report cited convenient access as one of the best selling points of cloud computing. The next most popular feature was 24/7 access, with 63% citing that feature, and affordability came in third at 56%. The bottom line: lawyers use cloud-based law practice management systems because they increase both productivity and profits.

Interested in learning more about how cloud computing can save your law firm time and money? Then take a look at the slide show below and find out why so many lawyers are making the switch and moving to the cloud to manage their law practices!

–Nicole Black

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