A Process For Getting And Keeping Them [eBook]

getting legal clientsClients are obviously the heart and soul of any law firm. After all, without clients, lawyers wouldn’t have much of a practice. Unfortunately, law schools don’t often teach future lawyers how to bring clients in the door. Client service is rarely discussed either. But since solo and small firm lawyers rarely have institutional clients, understanding how to market your practice and keep current clients happy is of the utmost importance since doing so is the only way to ensure that your law practice stays afloat.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find reliable, useful resources to guide you when it comes to business development and client service. The best advice comes from experienced lawyers who have been there, done that. The good news is that Ed Poll, the author of the latest chapter to our ebook, The Pocket Guide To Launching Your Law Firm, is not only an experienced lawyer, but is also a well-known law practice management consultant and coach.

In the latest chapter to our ebook, Clients: A Process For Getting And Keeping Them, Ed shares his wealth of knowledge on getting and keeping clients, including how to vet clients, how to get clients, how to set client expectations, how to provide the best client service, and much more.

Download your free copy today and learn all about marketing and client service. And don’t forget–you can access all of the chapters from this ebook that we’ve released so far here.

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