Becoming A Happy Lawyer:
Create A Mobile Practice

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Practicing law is often a stressful endeavor. That’s why so many lawyers are anxious and depressed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, that’s the reason for our new blog series, “15 Ways To Become The Happy Lawyer You Were Meant To Be.” Our goal is to help identify changes you can make to increase your job satisfaction levels and reduce stress. 

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at how technology can help to untether you from your desktop and increase your mobility. Because the more mobile your law firm is, the more flexibility you’ll have. And with flexibility comes increased control over your schedule and your life.

The benefits of a mobile law practice are readily apparent to lawyers, as we recently discovered when we conducted a survey of lawyers of firms with less than 50 people about their use of modern technology. According to the survey results, 33% of respondents indicated they were likely to increase reliance on mobile in the coming year and 64% of respondents agreed that there is a connection between increased mobility and profitability.

And, as we discovered earlier this year when we conducted another survey to determine our customer’s key business challenges in 2013, we learned that one of the biggest benefits mobile devices offer lawyers is time management. That why 11% of respondents indicated that they planned to manage their time better by using mobile tools.

The American Bar Association’s most recent Legal Technology Survey provided further evidence that lawyers are embracing the benefits of a mobile law practice. As Jeff Richardson of the iPhone J.D. blog reported, according to the results of the 2014 survey, 91% of responding lawyers use smartphones in their law practices. Of those who use smartphones, 66% prefer iPhones, 24% use Android devices, and the remainder use either BlackBerrys, Windows phones, or other devices.

Tablet use is also on the rise, in 2014, with 49% of lawyers reporting that they used tablets in their law practices. Of those lawyers, 84% reported using iPads, 10% used Android tablets, and the remainder used other devices.

One of the most telling findings of the survey were the statistics about how lawyers were using their smartphones and tablets to increase their efficiency. Interestingly, lawyers reported using their smartphones and tablets for a variety of law office functions, with more than half using their smartphones to access the Internet, email, telephone, calendars, contacts and to send texts. Another 7% used their smartphones to track expenses, and 4% used them to create documents.

Tablet use by lawyers varied a bit from smartphone use, with more than 50% of lawyers reporting that they used their tablets to access the Internet, their calendars and contacts.17% used their tablets to create documents and another 10% used them to track expenses.

In other words respondents of the ABA survey were able to run their law practices using their smartphone or tablets at any time, day or night, from any location. So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already taken steps to increase your law firm’s mobility, why not get started today?

The benefits of mobile access are obvious and the tools are readily available and affordable. Whether you decide to use your mobile devices to run all aspects of your law practice or decide to use them for a limited purpose such as tracking time or accessing calendar and contact information, the end result will be more convenient access to your law firm’s files and important information. Because the more mobile you are the more flexibility and control you have–and with increased control comes less stress. So get started today and create a more mobile law practice so that you can start to become the happy lawyer you were meant to be!

–Nicole Black

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