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A few times each month I highlight web or mobile apps that are useful to lawyers. Sometimes the apps are developed specifically for lawyers and other times they are non-legal apps but are nevertheless useful for lawyers.

Today’s app is YouMail. Because I’ve never been a huge fan of the iPhone’s native voicemail app, I was thrilled when I recently discovered YouMail. YouMail is a smartphone app that effectively replaces the iPhone’s voicemail function and provides a number of really useful features. Below are just a few of my favorites.

One of the best features, in my opinion, is the ability to forward voicemails to your email. Being able to do this makes it much easier for me to remember to respond to or take action in regard to a specific message. You can also email a voicemail to someone else as well–something that occasionally comes in handy.

YouMail also makes it easy to organize your voicemails. Instead of being forced to store all of your voicemails in one location, you can create sub-folders (ie. “follow up,” “work,” or “personal”). Once you’ve done so, you can then file received voicemails into specific folders after you’ve listened to them.

Finally, another handy feature is speech-to-text transcriptions of your voicemail messages, but this option is only available if you upgrade to one of the YouMail Pro editions.

The basic app is free (although you have to pay for the Pro versions). You can download the iPhone app here. It’s also available for Android and Blackberry devices.

–Niki Black

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