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A few times each month I’ll be highlighting a web or mobile app that’s useful to lawyers. Sometimes the app will be one developed specifically for lawyers and other times it won’t be a legal app, but will be one that should nevertheless prove useful for lawyers.

Today’s app is a legal app: Trial Pad. TrialPad is one of the first trial presentation apps developed for lawyers and was first released over one and a half years ago.

Why you want it: TrialPad is designed to provide an affordable alternative to expensive trial presentation software or trial consultants. The idea is that using TrialPad, lawyers can organize, manipulate, and annotate documents for presentation at trial using only an iPad.

The reviews:

The good: For most solos and small firms trying criminal cases, personal injury matters, and small business contract disputes, hiring trial technology consultants or using expensive trial presentation software simply isn’t feasible. Apps like TrialPad fill the void, leveling the playing field and making solos and small firms more competitive. And, according to the reviews listed above, TrialPad has a leg up because it arguably provides a more comprehensive feature set than its competitors.

The bad: Most iPad apps are a work in progress and TrialPad is no exception. It’s not perfect, but it’s improving every day as TrialPad’s developers respond to user feedback, add new features, and tweak the interface. Another drawback: it’s the most expensive trial presentation iPad app avialable, but as explained above, comes with the most robust feature set. And, compared to traditional server-based trial presentation software which can costs thousands of dollars annually, it’s a bargain at just $89.99 for a one-time download and lifetime access.

The nitty gritty:

-Niki Black

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