ABA Techshow Interviews Part 2:
Legal Practice Management Software, Robot Lawyers, & More!

Earlier this year, the MyCase team converged on ABA Techshow in Chicago. While there, I managed to fit in interviews with some of the leading legal technology and law practice management experts. Last week I shared 4 of those interviews. This week, you’ll hear from 4 more well known legal pundits, who will share their tips and advice on the future of law practice management, whether robot lawyers will take over the world, how to run an efficient law firm, and more.

Bob Ambrogi

Bob’s been writing about legal technology for decades now, so I obviously I had to pick his brains about legal tech. First, he offered tips on how to begin incorporating legal technology into your practice. Then he discussed law practice management software and how lawyers can go about choosing the right platform for their firm. He explained that it’s important to choose software that has the necessary features and to consider hidden costs, such as unexpected or unpredictable payment processing fees. Next he moved on to the impact of artificial intelligence on law practice, indicating that he was incredibly excited about the potential. He also predicted that AI wouldn’t replace lawyers, but instead would remove tedious, redundant work from their plates.

Sam Glover

Sam Glover is the Editor in Chief of popular Lawyerist blog. First, Sam shared his thoughts on the usability of legal software, explaining that the future of legal software will consist of increasingly robust, customizable law practice management platforms. He also offered his thoughts on AI. He believes that it’s one of the most exciting technologies on the horizon, but that it’s often overhyped. According to Sam, AI will make it possible for lawyers to use software to handle the mundane, back end work that is often time consuming, allowing lawyers to do what they do best: represent their clients.

Mark Britton

Mark is the CEO of Avvo, and he updated me on Avvo and its impact on lawyer marketing and connecting clients with lawyers. Then he offered his take on how legal technology can improve the client experience, allowing solo and small firm lawyers to provide the best representation possible. He explained that technology is a tool to drive business objectives and that it’s important to understand the business of law before choosing technology for your firm. He also emphasized the importance of mobile technology and the importance of using mobile apps, both to improve client service and to provide lawyers with more flexibility, so that they can practice law on the go.

Kevin O’Keefe

Kevin is the CEO of Lexblog, which provides a blogging platform for lawyers and legal marketing services. Kevin stressed how important it is for 21st century lawyers to understand the Internet and how to market their firms online. Next he explained why it is so important for lawyers to carefully research and learn about legal technology tools prior to investing in them. Finally, he shared his thoughts on legal blogging, emphasizing that effective legal blogging is all about conversations with other bloggers, instead of simply trying to game search engines with key words.

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