ABA Techshow Interviews Part 1:
Law Practice Management, Legal Technology, & More!

In March, MyCase made its annual pilgrimage to Chicago, where we exhibited at this year’s ABA Techshow. While there, I took the opportunity to interview a number of legal technology and legal practice management experts in order to gain their insight on important trends for lawyers in 2017. In the videos, these experts provide lots of great tips and advice for solo and small firm lawyers seeking to improve their practices and set the stage for a successful year.

Below are four of the interviews and next week I’ll be posting interviews with Bob Ambrogi, Kevin O’Keefe, Sam Glover, and Mark Britton.

Carolyn Elefant

In this video, I interviewed my co-author and solo practice guru, Carolyn Elefant. As a successful solo lawyer herself and the author of the popular book Solo By Choice, the how-to guide for solo lawyers, Carolyn knows a thing or two about launching and running a successful solo law practice. In this interview she shares advice on how lawyers can meet their ethical obligation to stay on top of changes in technology. One idea: make time to test drive the technology! She also offers tips on choosing (and using) the right technology for your firm. As she explains, one key to success when implementing new technology into your office is to ensure buy in from everyone in your firm who will be using it.

Adam Camras

Next up is my interview with Adam Camras, the CEO of the popular legal podcast company, Legal Talk Network. First he offers advice on figuring out which technology tools will have the greatest impact in your law practice. He explains that you must first identify inefficiencies in your practice, and then find technologies that will solve those problems. He also shares how the podcasts produced by Legal Talk Network, including those recorded at ABA Techshow, can help lawyers make intelligent, informed choices about legal technology.

Catherine Sanders Reach

Catherine is the Director of Law Practice Management and Technology for the Chicago Bar Association. So of course I picked her brain to glean her advice on a plethora of legal practice management issues. First, I asked her about steps lawyers should be taking to assess and address risk management in their law practices. One piece of advice she offered was that lawyers need to use tools to track their deadlines and docketing in order to reduce risk and make their firms more insurable by legal malpractice carriers. Next I asked her what tools or technologies lawyers should use to reduce risk. One of her main recommendations? Law practice management software.

Charley Moore

And last, but not least, I interviewed Charley Moore, the CEO of Rocket Lawyer. Charley was a speaker on the Keynote panel at ABA Techshow and he shared how access to justice, which was a topic that came up repeatedly during the Keynote, was a big focus for his company. When I asked Charley which technology was would be the most impactful over the next year, his reply was that mobile technology was key for lawyers in 2017.

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