A MyCase Practice:
Samantha Ward, Texas Virtual Attorney

Samantha WardSome lawyers are inspired to enter the legal profession at a young age. Samantha Ward is one of those lawyers. As she explains, she decided she wanted to become a lawyer before she even reached her teenage years: “When I was about twelve I used to watch ‘Divorce Court.’ After watching that tv show, I decided that I wanted to be a judge when I grew up, but later realized that you have to become a lawyer first. So that’s what I did.”

The path to a solo law firm

While in college at Central Methodist University, Samantha set the stage for law school with a major in Political Science. She also had a keen interest in languages, so she majored in Spanish as well. After graduating from college, she attended law school and then gained a great deal of varied experience following law school. “I attended the University of Missouri for law school, and then worked as a Public Defender for a year once I’d graduated and also taught Spanish in college.” She continues,  “Next I worked for the Missouri Department of Revenue as a bankruptcy attorney for 3 and a half years. Then I was recruited by the Missouri Bar as the Assistant CLE Director.”

After that, she obtained her Texas law license and moved to Texas, where her family resides. As she explains, she hung a virtual shingle shortly thereafter: “I started my own firm in 2016 with a focus on probate and wills, and occasionally handle matrimonial matters, LLC formations, and landlord/tenant cases. I’m also beginning to take on some privacy matters involving cases where I help clients remove revenge porn or unwanted images from the internet.”

Hanging a virtual shingle

When Samantha decided to start her own law practice, she made the choice to have a virtual law firm. Having a virtual office, as opposed to a brick and mortar law firm, allowed her greater flexibility and reduced overhead, two things that were very important to her. “I’m a solo attorney and it’s by choice. I knew that I didn’t want to be subject to a court schedule because I have a young child,” she says. “It was very important for me to have flexibility in my practice.”

Because she launched a law firm without walls, using web-based law practice management software was the obvious choice for her practice. “I started in the cloud since I knew I wanted a virtual practice,” she explains. “My goal was to make my practice as flexible – and as paperless – as possible and web-based software was the only way to do that. And that’s why I chose MyCase.”

The MyCase difference

Samantha made the decision to use MyCase after another attorney suggested it to her – and it’s a decision she’s never regretted. “MyCase was recommended to me by another virtual attorney whom I admired and wanted to emulate. When I looked into it I learned that it was really affordable for my practice, so it seemed like the perfect fit.” She continues, “It’s just been phenomenal and I actually recommend it to traditional lawyers all the time. I think it’s a godsend and it keeps my firm so organized!”

According to Samantha, MyCase helps her stay on top of all aspects of running her law firm and communicating with clients:  “I can’t say enough about MyCase and always rave about it! It’s a no-brainer. It’s not expensive, clients love it, and I love it. It’s exactly what my clients – especially the younger ones – expect from an attorney or any business they work with. They want online access to their cases so they can communicate with me, access information and documents online, and receive invoices through the online portal.”

MyCase streamlines her practice

MyCase makes it possible for Samantha to manage all aspects of her firm, from time-tracking and invoicing to processing client payments. “MyCase is a game changer. It allows me to easily track my billable hours and expenses and to send invoices to clients online,” she says. “I signed up for Payments this year and as soon as I got it I wished I hadn’t waited. I don’t have to wait for a check. To be able take payments online and not have to send out any kind of paper – it’s awesome! It’s probably the best investment I’ve made in my practice!”

And, as she explains, with MyCase she’s able to securely communicate with her clients, allowing her to be a more responsive attorney: “The mobile app is awesome and I can communicate so much more easily with my clients. Instead of waiting until getting back to the office to respond to messages, I can simply log into the app. My clients are always so happy to have a place to get information about their case and access private messages that are secure.”

A practice with meaning

Having a solo, virtual law practice allows Samantha to practice law in a way that she finds to be truly fulfilling. The ability to positively impact her clients’ lives makes all the difference to her, keeping her motivated and energized. According to Samantha, it’s all about her clients: “At the end of the day, I want my clients to know that they matter, and that I truly gave them my best.”

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