A MyCase Practice:
Neil DeLeon, Los Angeles Probate And Business Attorney

Neil DeLeonSome lawyers are drawn to the law after watching an episode of Perry Mason. Others find that their own experience with an adjudication process ultimately inspired their decision. Neil DeLeon is one of the latter. According to Neil, an experience in high school planted the seed that led him to attend law school: “When I was younger I went through a high school disciplinary hearing, of all things, and learned how to put on my own defense. That made me want to become a lawyer. Another motivating factor was wanting to help people; even when I was young I wanted to be part of a profession that allowed me to help people”

A solo practice with a purpose

After graduating from law school in 2005 and then working for two different law firms, Neil decided to hang a shingle. He started his solo practice in 2010 with a focus on probate and trust administration and litigation. When he started his firm, one of his goals was to build a client-centric practice from the ground up: “One thing we focused on when starting the practice was making sure our firm is approachable and friendly and not intimidating for a client who might be calling a law firm for first time.”

For Neil, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a solo attorney is helping clients get through a difficult time in their lives. “My favorite part of my practice is helping put clients in a better position than they were in before hiring our law firm,” he explains. “Because we handle probate and trust administration and litigation, our clients come to us after having lost a loved one and they’re faced with the overwhelming task of dealing with an estate where many family members and complex interests are involved. One of our goals is to help alleviate our clients’ stress, which can be very fulfilling.”

MyCase helps make a difference

Neil chose MyCase for his firm after negative experiences with premise-based law practice management software. After taking MyCase for a test drive, he was impressed with its ease of use compared to the legacy systems he’d used while working at other firms earlier in his career. “I had experience using other legal solutions like Abacus but the problem with the prior software I’d used was that in order to use it I had to take an accounting course in order to understand it.” He continues, “But then I discovered MyCase. It appealed to me because it had a mobile app and free trial. It was really easy and there was no learning curve to use it. It has a ton of features, including client communication, document sharing with clients, billing and expense review, and trust accounting. It’s all there and takes no time to learn.”

Another draw of MyCase was the ability to work remotely – something that benefits both lawyer and client. He explains: “We chose cloud rather than server-based because it allows us to work remotely. I can access documents from my phone – even during a hearing! The fact that I can have a client’s large file at my fingertips on my phone is an amazing thing. The same goes for client-attorney correspondence. Having instant access to messages and being able to respond no matter where I am allows me to be a responsive attorney and helps ease my clients’ stress.”

MyCase billing and payment processing saves the firm money

Some of Neil’s favorite MyCase features are the billing and invoicing functions. According to Neil, they make all the difference to his firm’s bottom line: “Billing and invoicing are about as easy as can be. With MyCase we rarely have billing errors since it’s easy to edit invoices. MyCase has actually helped our law firm make more money by streamlining our billing processes.”

The ability to accept credit cards and process payments from clients online using MyCase Payments has also helped forward the firm’s goal of being client-centric. Neil explains that the MyCase client portal facilitates communication and prompt bill payments: “With Payments, our clients use the same portal that they use to communicate with us. The portal allows them to receive and pay invoices without having to contact our office. It’s simple to use and it’s convenient for them as well.”

Parting advice

When I asked Neil if he had any advice for lawyers thinking of starting their own firm, he emphasized the importance of an efficient billing system right from the very start: “For many years I constantly struggled with billing and we’d get behind on it. Now, having a very good billing system maximizes profits and helps us efficiently manage each client’s case.”

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