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Mitch Jackson | California Personal Injury Attorney

Jon Mitchell JacksonIf you’re a legal professional and you’re involved in social media even tangentially, then you’ve probably heard of Mitch Jackson. Whether on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube, Mitch has an active–and effective–social media presence. But no matter where you encounter Mitch, the first thing you’ll notice about him is his kind, giving nature, immediately followed by his enthusiasm for the work that he does for his clients.

Fighting for his clients’ rights

For Mitch, the practice of law is all about ensuring that the the average person continues to have a voice in the face of increasing corporate power and influence: “Big insurance, corporations, and politicians are quietly eroding the consumer’s ability to take a case to trial. In some cases they have eliminated someone’s right to trial. I’m not OK with that.”

That why he and his wife, his law school sweetheart who he married in 1988, founded Jackson & Wilson, Inc., where they represent California victims of personal injury and wrongful death. Mitch explains that for him, it’s a perfect fit: “I absolutely love helping people who don’t have the expertise or finances to help themselves. Add litigation and trial work in to the mix and I’m one happy camper!”

Using technology to expand–and improve–his practice

It’s no surprise that Mitch does such a great job managing his law firm’s social media presence since his firm embraced all aspects of technology right from the very start. By doing so and staying ahead of the curve, his law practice has benefited enormously. “We jumped onto the Internet early on and had our first website up and running around 1996. Shortly thereafter, we had a family with a seven figure case find and retain us because of the site,” he explains. “Over the past 5 years or so, we’ve really focused on expanding our sphere of influence using social media. Doing so has allowed us to increase the brand and name recognition from a Southern California firm to now include clients, lawyers and other referral sources around the globe. We’ve never looked back and have used the Internet, blogging, and technology like MyCase to help clients ever since.”

Technology–and MyCase–make all the difference

Because Mitch has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to incorporating technology into his law practice, he carefully considered his options after deciding to move to a cloud-based law practice management system.

He explains that “over the past 27 years, we’ve tried most of the other leading case management programs.” But, according to Mitch, after considering all of their options, MyCase was the obvious choice because “the interface is awesome and easy to use and MyCase allows us to conveniently manage our established practice from our office, at home, while on vacation, or even the parking lot of any of our local motocross tracks. We can easily check on the status of a case and communicate with clients using our laptops, tablets and smartphones.”

Not only is MyCase easy to use–it saves his law firm time and money while simultaneously giving it a competitive edge: “Technology allows us to stay lean and mean and easily compete with large defense firms and big insurance companies. And, our IT headaches have all but disappeared. We no longer worry about server going down and data being lost. We’ve never looked back or given a second thought to our decision to move to MyCase.”

The MyCase client portal leads to happy clients

When asked about his favorite MyCase feature, Mitch answered, “The 24/7 private client portal. Giving clients access to their case information when they want it is a huge client benefit that most law firms simply don’t offer. It shows that we care and want to connect with and provide our clients with leading edge services and an exceptional experience.”

For Mitch, the client portal is key to customer satisfaction, since happy clients are essential to his firm’s success: “We incorporated MyCase into our business plan because we believe that a successful attorney/client experience means that we need to ‘connect’ with our clients and provide them with exemplary services. In today’s transparent and ‘instant information’ digital business world, that means giving clients free, 24/7 access to important case information. It means sharing information, documents and calendar events when they want the information as opposed to when we have time to return their call. The MyCase private client portal allows us to do just that. We also like the easy to use features of MyCase to keep track of all the usual case information and time and billing. It really is an easy to use ‘turn-key’ solution.”

Let the wild rumpus start!

Mitch is no stranger to living life to its fullest. Don’t believe me? Well then check out Mitch in the photo below catching some air at the local motocross park.

mitch jackson at the motocross park

So when I asked Mitch if he had any advice for young lawyers, I wasn’t at all surprised when he replied, “It’s OK to be unique, do things your own way, and never be afraid to cause a ruckus. Don’t be like every other lawyer in town. And, one last thing–if you’re not failing, then you’re not trying.”

–Nicole Black

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