A MyCase Practice:
Frank Flaspohler, Howard County, Missouri Attorney

frankFrank Flaspohler practices law in the small Missouri town where he grew up. His father was also raised there and his grandfather and great-grandfather grew up in a town just 15 miles away from where his law firm is now located in Howard County, Missouri.

A small town practice

Howard County’s population is approximately 10,000 people. By all rights, Frank has a small town practice and provides many of the types of legal services you’d expect.

As he explains, he often handles cases involving matrimonial and family law, agricultural and farming law, estate planning and administration, and increasingly, local government law: “Family law provides a good source of work in a small town. Divorces and child custody and estate planing are big components of small town practice like mine. I would also like more of my practice to focus on local government law moving forward, so I can represent the people who serve our community through elected office and public service.”

This type of practice is incredibly rewarding for Frank since he’s able to help his clients through often difficult phases of their lives. “Because I handle a lot of family law cases, I get to work with them during one of the more difficult periods of their life,” he explains. “Helping them readjust after life-changing events can be very rewarding.”

A tech-savvy solo practice  

But even though Frank may have a small town solo law practice, he has a very cutting edge law office. “My firm is in a small town and there are about 4 other lawyers here in town with me,” he says. “Out of the lawyers here in town, my firm is the most technologically advanced office. Our paper files are at a minimum and everything is scanned and digital.”

According to Frank, having a law firm invested in technology has paid off and allowed his practice to keep up with the rapidly changing times. “A year ago our local court system moved to e-filing and it was an easy transition for my firm since we already had a paperless system in place. We were ahead of the curve compared to other firms,” he explains. “And, we’re the only firm in town on Facebook and only two others have websites. I think we’re very technologically proficient and MyCase is a big part of what sets us apart.”

The MyCase difference

Before choosing MyCase, Frank carefully compared some of the different law practice management platforms. In the end, the choice was easy: “We looked at Clio since the Missouri Bar provides a discount but I didn’t like the interface as much. We also looked at Rocket Matter and Amicus Attorney. Ultimately, I chose MyCase because I really liked the ease of use of MyCase. And, in 2010, when I started using MyCase, it was the only one that had well-developed a client portal, which is important for my law firm.”

According to Frank, he relies on many of MyCase’s features to get the job done, efficiently and effectively: “I use tasks and messages most often. I also really appreciate being able to comment on documents and the ability to view different versions of the same document right in MyCase, since when we upload court filings it has to be a PDF format. But it’s great to be able to have a Word document version underneath it, in case the judge wants it revised. Then you can pull up the Word version and make the necessary changes.”

For Frank, one of the big selling points of MyCase is that it allows him the flexibility to practice law from anywhere at anytime.  “The fact that MyCase is web-based means I can access it from any computer, smartphone or tablet no matter where I am. So if I’m at home I can access all of my law firm’s files or if I’m traveling I can pull up my files on my tablet and work on my client’s cases or answer their questions,” he says. “I can even work while I’m waiting to be called at the doctor’s office. MyCase keeps my office just a few clicks away and it’s great to always have all of my law firm’s my data right at my fingertips.”

Parting thoughts

For Frank, it’s all about providing his clients with the best representation possible, and MyCase helps him do just that. His clients are more than just a client to him; they’re people struggling to deal with problems and it’s his job to help them through a tough period of their lives.

He explains: “I went to a Jesuit school so one of my favorite expressions is ‘cura personalis’ which means ‘care of the whole person.’ To me that means that a client is more than a legal problem to be solved. Each client has life beyond their legal issue and it’s important for me to pay attention and be respectful of their history, experiences, and backgrounds instead of looking at them as simply a legal matter.”

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