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Craig Greening | Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

When Craig Greening graduated from college, he had a degree in mechanical engineering. His father was an engineer and the plan was that he would follow in his father’s footsteps. But sometimes, the best laid plans go awry.

An unexpected change of plans

Craig quickly realized that engineering wasn’t for him: “I wanted more excitement instead of just sitting in a lab all day.” And, since he’d always had an interest in the criminal justice system, he decided to attend law school.

After graduating from law school in 1999, he joined a small firm with another attorney. But, two years ago, after his partner retired, Craig went solo. He formed his own firm, Craig Greening Law, and continued to expand his already thriving criminal defense practice in Bryan, Texas.

Fighting injustice, case by case

Growing up, Craig was bothered by the inequities of the criminal justice system. A few of his high school friends experienced injustices which stayed with him. So when he graduated from law school, he was drawn to criminal defense. It was his way of leveling the playing field.

Craig’s practice is located in a college town and as a result, many of his clients are college students who had a lone run in with the law. Helping his young clients make the best of a bad situation is what drives him to get up every day. According to Craig, he often advises his clients that “my goal is to resolve this case favorably for you so that you won’t have a conviction following you around for the rest of your life. But I also hope you learn from this experience–that it’s a turning point for you.”

That’s because for Craig it’s all about making a difference and having a positive impact.

MyCase makes it easy

According to Craig, MyCase makes it easy to do just that because it helps to simplify his law practice. Everything is in one place and clients can easily access their files and important information, like their next court date: “My clients love MyCase. Many of them log in every day. I leave them notes about the status of their case and they feel up to date instead of neglected. Because my clients know what’s going on every step of the way, they call less frequently. So, MyCase makes it easier for both me and my assistant.”

Craig explains that another benefit is that information about a case can be made easily accessible for everyone involved in a case, not just his clients and assistant, but also co-counsel and investigators: “In more complex matters, such as a murder case, I include co-counsel and investigators as contacts in a case. That way they can upload and access important documents, such as photos or autopsy reports. We can communicate about the case via MyCase. Everything is in one place and everyone knows exactly what’s going on.”

MyCase offers security

Craig started using MyCase in November of 2010 after carefully considering all of the cloud-based law practice management solutions available to him. After carefully vetting the various cloud providers, Craig had no reservations about moving his client’s data into the cloud via MyCase: “Some lawyers don’t understand the security issues, but I do since I come from an engineering background. I’ve never had any concerns about using MyCase to store my firm’s data.”

MyCase is a selling point

Not only does MyCase securely store his data and simplify his practice, it makes his practice more profitable. He explains that some of his clients have hired him, in part, because his firm uses MyCase: “I’m retained by at least one client a month because of the MyCase platform. For example, last month I was retained by a client from Boston who was charged with a DWI while visiting Texas. He switched to my firm after initially hiring another lawyer in town. My client switched because he was having problems getting hold of his former lawyer and while visiting my firm’s website, he noticed that I used a client portal. He later told me that he was extremely happy with his decision to switch and that he loved the MyCase platform because it made me so accessible to him.”

And, that client is not alone. According to Craig, for many of his clients, the MyCase interface makes all the difference: “My clients are comfortable using MyCase. The interface is similar to the social media sites they’re used to. They want 24/7 access to information about their case and MyCase’s client portal allows me to offer them exactly that. If I couldn’t give them that, they’d hire someone else who could.”

Serving clients better

If nothing else, the practice of law is all about helping clients and MyCase helps Craig do just that. It provides an affordable, secure platform for creating and organizing case documents and communicating with clients and others about a case. “All of the information about a case is easily accessible in one place. I’m really happy with MyCase. It helps me to better represent my clients and that’s what really matters.”

Craig’s favorite part about being a criminal defense attorney is making a difference in his client’s lives: “I love coming into work every day. I represent people from all walks of life and make a difference in their lives. That’s all I really want to do. I hope that at the end of the day, people say, ‘He put it all on the line for his clients and gave 100% every time he walked into the courtroom.’ If that’s what they say, I’ll be happy.”

-Niki Black

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