5 Do-It-Yourself Marketing Tips for the Solo Lawyer

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Marketing isn’t easy as an attorney. As a solo lawyer, it is even more difficult because you simply don’t have the big budgets that larger firms have. Flashy commercials and radio ads are simply out of the range of many smaller firms.

And yet, you know you have much more to offer, including personalized service, more one-on-one time, and better levels of communication. How can you, as a small firm attorney, get the word out about your services? Here are a few marketing tips to help get you started.

Use Social Networking

Social networking is one of the best ways for smaller firms to connect with potential clients. It is inexpensive and readily accessible. Social media gets attention, according to the American Bar Association and helps to build your credibility. Social networking, through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be an effective way to market a small practice because it puts you right in front of the clients who need your help.

Creating a Website

Do you have a website for your practice? If not, you are missing another important marketing tool. Fill it with on-point information about the types of cases you handle. Invest in some search engine marketing (a method of getting your website ranked well in the search engines) and you’ll have customers arriving at your law firm’s website through simple searches online. You can use your website as a tool for networking, too. Send people from your Facebook posts to your website for more information.


A blog allows you to provide constant information and updates to readers. It also gives you something to talk about in your social networking circles. For example, you may be able to talk about legal issues you’ve encountered when handling a particular type of personal injury case. Other people looking for legal help in these types of cases can find your blog, read about your experiences, and then connect with you about their case.  A blog post takes time to write, but it can drive people to your website and bring leads to you.

Be Active in the Community

Face-to-face networking is still indispensable, so it continues to be important to be active within the community. For example, provide pro bono legal services to seniors in financial need. Or offer input during city planning meetings. By taking steps to become involved, it costs you nothing but time and is an effective way to get noticed. Your name is published. Your information is shared. Similarly, you can also participate in speaking engagements, which can help you to gain credibility as an expert in a specific legal area. Do this through communication events, business organization meetings, and senior groups.

Ask for References

Perhaps the most common and most effective method of getting the word out about your services is to use word of mouth marketing. Simply ask your current clients to recommend you to their friends and family.

For many solo lawyers, having limited access to marketing budgets doesn’t have to be the downfall of the firm. Rather, creative, consistent, and modern methods of marketing can bring in the referrals and clients you need to keep your business going strong for years to come.

–Sarah Botorff

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