5 MyCase Features You Might Not Know About

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MyCase is full of great features and functionality designed to make practice management intuitive and simple. We’re all about promoting these great features on our blog, and this go around, we wanted to take time to talk about some features that you might not know about, but that will definitely help save you time.

Check out some of our lesser known features below!

Custom Fields

Tracking information about your cases and contacts is crucial to the success of your business. Most software offers specific fields that the company knows is important to managing your practice. However, what about those specific details that are important to your firm, cases, or processes? Maybe you like to know your client’s spouse’s name. Or maybe you require a field called “jurisdiction.” How do you track this information?

Good news! MyCase offers functionality for adding custom fields. These custom fields can be set up to fit your specific needs. You can define a custom field as a global setting and include it with every contact, company, and/or time and expense, or you can set it up for a particular practice area. You can even customize how these custom field responses are entered! The custom fields allow for dropdown responses, free form text responses, and can even require the response to be entered in as true/false, a number, or date.

To learn more about how you can use custom fields for your firm, click here.

Accounts Receivable Report

Accounts Receivable plays an important role in ensuring your billable hours get rewarded and that your invoices get paid. After sending out an invoice, over time your chances of collecting payment greatly decrease. And if you are eventually able to collect payment on these older invoices, odds are that the profit you realize will be much less due to the time and labor involved in collecting the payment.

Sound familiar? Are late payments, underpaid, and unpaid invoices creating headaches for your firm and costing you money each year? If so, you’re in luck! MyCase provides an Accounts Receivable report that will allow you to manage all of your invoices with open balances, view the due date, and see if the invoice is overdue (including the number of days the invoice is overdue). If you have a specific client or case that you’d like to keep an eye on, this report also offers the ability to filter via case and client, as well as a grouping functionality that will organize your report into groups by client, case, or practice area.

To learn more about how to use our Accounts Receivable Report, click here.

Billing Rates

In many professions, time is money–something that is especially true at a law firm. That’s where practice management software comes in, since gaining efficiencies is one of the key benefits of adopting practice management software into your law practice. In MyCase, one of these efficiencies is the ability to set default billing rates.

Frequently, attorneys set a default billing rate at which they bill the majority of the firm’s cases. Rather than having to key this in every time you create a new case, MyCase allows you to have a preset billing rate for every firm employee. So, when time entries are created, the system will automatically populate the default billing rate.

Need to charge more or less than your default fee for a specific case? MyCase also gives you the flexibility of defining a Case Billing Rate so that when time entries are created for a specific case, the Case Billing Rate will apply. Still not convinced that using preset billing rates will result in saved time? Why not set up a few of them and see the improved efficiencies for yourself!

To learn more about creating default and case billing rates, please click here.

Limiting financial information for non-admin users of MyCase

One of the great features of using a cloud-based software application is the ability to allow multiple users to access the same information. However, there may be some users you do not wish to share everything with, especially when it comes to financial information.

That’s why MyCase has a user permissions area that will allow you to limit access to financial information for non-admin users of MyCase. There are two areas where you can limit the financial information of a non-admin user: 1) time entries and expenses and 2) the billing tab. By restricting a users’ ability to see the time entries and expenses, you will restrict their billing access to view/edit time entries, expense entries, and saved activities only. The users will not be able to see the rate associated with their time or other firm users’ entries.

You can also remove all firm financial information from the billing tab for non-admin users. By doing this, they will no longer be able to view the Trust Account Overview or Invoice Overview for the firm, which will allow you to hide sensitive information and trust account balances.

To learn more about how to limit financial information for non-admin users, click here.

Default Terms & Conditions on invoices

Clearly displaying your Terms and Conditions on invoices is an important and encouraged practice, but having to retype this information every time you create an invoice is not the best use of your time. If you have Terms & Conditions that you are frequently using when you prepare invoices, save yourself time and energy by using your MyCase Preferences to define a default. This will still allow you to modify your terms and conditions on an invoice-by-invoice basis, but will save you time when making changes to the default is not needed.

To learn more about how to define default Terms & Conditions, click here.

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