3 Ways To Maximize Your Law Firm’s Office Space

deskChances are office rent is one of the largest expenses of your firm. In fact, it might even be the largest. With such a great expense, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of the investment. So if you’re adding to your staff or just thinking about freshening things up, here are three ways to maximize your space.

Share the Space

Thanks to advances in cloud computing, more lawyers are now working remotely, thus reducing the need to provide large, dedicated offices. Instead, firms are moving to shared workspaces for lawyers to use as the need arises.

These less formal work areas can be more modestly decorated and can be utilized in more flexible, efficient layouts. Also, buying modular furniture, which can be easily configured in different ways, allows the same space to be used for multiple purposes.

Lighten Up

Traditionally, law offices have been designed with heavy, dark tones. But with smaller spaces, dark furniture and walls can make a space feel smaller than it actually is. It is costly to replace all of your furniture of course, but there are several less expensive changes that can really lighten up your space:

  • A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for an office. A traditional white works, but lighter grays and blues can add a calming effect to the space. In fact, a study by the University of British Columbia found that a blue office environment actually helps productivity!
  • Change your chairs. In the conference room or the lobby, if you’re using dark, over-sized chairs, switching to slimmer, more ergonomic chairs can change the dynamic of the space.
  • Though it involves a bit of construction, removing a wall and using a glass wall or partition in its place immediately opens the space. Glass walls in conference rooms are an ideal opportunity to make the space feel bigger, both inside and out.

Utilize Technology

Software technology has resulted in a steady shift to the paperless law office. This has cut back on the need for bulky office equipment and file cabinets to house physical files. Even the classic law library has gone digital and reduced the need for hulking bookcases to house all those volumes. Utilizing a legal practice management software program can instantly create that extra space in your office.

So the next time you’re feeling cramped in that conference room, remember that more space and productivity is only a blue paintbrush away!

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