3 Things To Know About Law Firm Websites

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.40.59 AMWebsites are no longer simply an option for attorneys- they’re a must-have. When creating a new website for your law firm, here’s how to make sure it’s the right website, at the right price, with the right features.

1. You Don’t Need SEO

Unless you’re willing to fork out major bucks to float to the top of a Google search, you shouldn’t be paying for SEO. Lawyers need a professional website to be their online storefront. You don’t need to be first site on every Google search, but your clients expect to see a professional, informative website before they will hire you.

2. Your Website Provider Should Include an Online Payment Feature

Your law firm’s website is the online portal through which your clients initially obtain information about your firm’s services. It should also allow your clients to easily obtain information about their cases, communicate with you in a secure online environment, and receive invoices and make payments directly through your website.

Of course in-person consultations are important and fundamental to your relationship with your clients, but 21st century legal clients also expect to have the option to do many things online via your website. That’s why a software program and payment system that integrates with your website makes it easier for you to find, secure, and onboard new clients. Plus, you’ll get the benefits of having your clients pay online.

3. Your Website Should Include Personal Touches

Who would want a boring, run of the mill gavel-and-scales-of-justice website when you could have a modern and personal website designed by a professional? Your website designer should specialize in legal websites so that the proper tone and appearance can be set for your firm. The website should meet your goals and give potential clients an insight into your skills and expertise.

MyCase builds websites that are professional, affordable, and link seamlessly with your practice management software. So what are you waiting for? Get started today! If you’re a MyCase customer, click here to schedule a time to talk about your web presence. If you’re not a MyCase customer, sign up for your free trial here.

–MyCase V+ team

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