Webinar Recap:
Grow Your Caseload With Lead Tracking


Law firms spend a significant amount of time and money attracting new clients, but many struggle to manage them beyond the initial touch point. Implementing a strong lead and intake process can help your firm convert more referrals into paying clients, grow monthly revenue, and lower the cost to acquire clients.

In this webinar, MyCase Director of Product, Cathleen Swallow, shared the 5 most common causes of and solutions to lead tracking woes stunting the growth of law firms.

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9:59 – Challenge 1: Tracking Lead Sources

Referral source information is pure gold. Find out how to allocate your marketing spend towards more business by identifying where the bulk of your best clients are coming from.

16:23 – Challenge 2: Tracking Leads Within a Firm

After a potential client makes an inquiry, many law firms have difficulty determining the current progress of a lead in their intake process. If you struggle with this, there are simple processes and systems that can help eliminate your intake bottlenecks.

23:35 – Challenge 3: Following Up With Leads

Why do law firms lose business when 64% of shoppers only contact a single attorney? Poor follow-up. Here’s how to ensure that you’re regularly communicating with prospective new clients.

30:32 – Challenge 4: Disparate Data

Storing and passing client information through multiple softwares can be like playing a game of telephone with your data. It often results in inaccuracies or duplicates, making it challenging to gain any actionable insights. But there is a solution, and it’s all-in-one.

36:36 – Challenge 5: Inefficient Processes

Having inefficient processes can slow your firm down and affect your firm’s bottom line. No surprise there. The difficulty, however, comes with identifying when your processes have become inefficient.


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