Webinar Recap:
6 Effective Ways to Evaluate Your On-Premise Law Software

As an attorney in 2019, much of your efficiency hinges on the back-end technology streamlining your law firm. But when antiquated software ceases to complement your time and instead puts you at odds with it — due to security risks or required routine maintenance — you may find yourself at a crossroads where it’s time to consider moving on.

Don’t let the software you own end up owning you.

In this webinar, Executive Director of the Monroe County Bar Association in Rochester, Kevin Ryan Esq., walks you through the considerations of on-premise vs. cloud-based solutions for your law firm. such as cost, security, and longevity – to name a few.

And since attorneys must practice in accordance with the rules of ethics, a deep dive into the ethical implications of technology decisions will help shed some light on previously unforeseen benefits and drawbacks.

4:16 – Which is Which

The key differences between on-premise software and cloud software and how they operate within your law firm.

6:52 – Cost

A major consideration for law firms, Kevin covers the 3 kinds of costs one incurs when implementing software – both short and long term.

16:54 – Security

Your security is only as good as the protocols you have in place. Here’s why cloud solutions have proven themselves far less susceptible to data security vulnerabilities.

27:31 – Functionality

Don’t downplay the problems associated with implementation, customization, and portability of on-premise systems. Kevin Ryan illuminated these 3 issues in the context of legacy v. cloud software.

34:06 – Connectivity

In a business that never stops, full internet connectivity is conducive to your success. Is your internet access and speed sufficient to keep your law firm competitive?

39:38 – Ethics

Never forget your obligation to safeguard client information — are you confident your software keeps you protected?

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