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Rebuild Your Law Firm Processes with Practice Management Software

The traditional law firm modus operandi is to set up systems, and then contour their technology to long-established processes.  But, since most small law firms are buying off-the-shelf software (in lieu of costlier, tailor-made alternatives), the software they purchase is not built for their systems — rather, their systems must be retrofitted to their software.

Since law practice management software is, generally speaking, the most robust technology tool you can utilize in your law firm, you can build more essential law firm processes like document management or client communication out of a case management solution than almost any other single legal software.

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5:15 – Which Comes First, Processes or Software?

With the impending legal technology boom, law firms that are building their law firm processes around their software are already gaining major advantages over their competitors.

11:29 – Client Communications

Law firms often nosedive because they fail to rise to the challenge of communicating with their clients – post-intake. Firms managed with the help of LPMS rarely have this problem.

20:10 – Document Management

Chances are, you’ve got the tools you need to be as paperless as want to be. The question is: how can LPMS help to with storage, organization, and retrieval?

29:29 – Workflow

Checklists, aggregated task lists, workflows: these things breed efficiencies; and, the more often you can build comprehensive workflows for case types, the more efficient you will be.

39:02 – Billing & Collection

Payment management can be compared to a giant sieve. With all that time running off the bottom line, law firms using the right technology can dam up that break.

45:01 – Revenue Projection

An oft-neglected process in the biome of the modern law firm, software-assisted revenue projections can keep growth and revenue from stagnating.

49:41 – Getting Staff Buy-In

How to involve your team in the decision-making process and build technology workflows into your firm with virtually no pushback.

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