Webinar Recap:
Ethical and Practical Guidelines for Posting on Social Media


While promoting a business or law firm on social media is a great way to attract prospective clients, many firms lack a real focus regarding their goals, and many don’t have a step-by-step action plan for engaging online. This is why, despite social media’s ubiquity, some refer to it as the new ‘MBWA’: marketing by wandering around. In other words, it’s blind execution in the absence of an overarching strategy.

In this 60-minute presentation with MyCase, President of Attorney Master Class, Dustin Cole, offers a methodical approach for law firms to get more clients on social media without violating ABA Model Rules 7.1-7.6 — an often overlooked ethics regulation.

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4:04 – The Guiding Principle – ABA Rule 7

Promoting your firm on social media is marketing and — though somewhat antiquated — ABA Model Rule 7 governs all lawyer advertising.

13:00 – Navigating ABA Rule 7

From your law firm’s messaging to solicitation, these critical distinctions will help you navigate the rules reasonably and effectively without violating ethical rules.

25:40 – The 5 Principles of Posting on Social Media

The who, what, when, where and how of communicating on social media to meet your law firm’s marketing goals.

40:56 – The 6th Principle

A warning to all firms hopping on the social media bandwagon: Take these measures to keep social media from consuming and disrupting your business.

46:35 – The Social Media Marketing Funnel

Follow these proven steps to meet your key marketing objective of creating personal contact by means of creating awareness and relationship building thereafter.

51:10 –  Q&A

Dustin Cole answers pressing audience questions on how attorney firms can strike a chord with their target audience and why adhering to marketing ethics rules is in your firm’s best interest.

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