Webinar Recap:
LinkedIn, There’s Something Different About You


Prior to its 26.2 billion dollar acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn was hardly the place to attract new business. Dismissed by entrepreneurs and lawyers alike, the moribund platform found itself relegated to a digital business card exchange venue. But things are changing… and fast. The LinkedIn renaissance has yielded a number of advantageous updates aimed at enhancing visibility for legal professionals, helping to put them in front of potential clients.

Nancy Myrland – a power user of the platform and marketing consultant for attorneys – has her finger on the pulse of online client acquisition for law firms. In her presentation, she discusses the recent rollout of new features and updates to LinkedIn that make it the ideal vessel for showcasing your expertise. She explains that with only a few minor alterations to your existing profile and some original content, you’re well on your way to standing out amongst your competition.

If you’re intent on broadening your sphere of influence at little-to-no-cost while getting in front of more clients and prospects, this presentation is a must-watch.

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4:17 – From Gentle Giant to Lead Generation Engine

Content is currency and the density of high quality content on LinkedIn has recently surpassed that of any other social media platform. In light of this, here are the three goals for you to pursue to find success on the channel.

8:45 – Is LinkedIn Right for Your Firm?

Based on a 2017 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, LinkedIn usage is trending in a positive direction. Here’s the lay of the land for lawyers on LinkedIn today and advice on whether or not it’s worth your investment.

13:24 – The Big Changes for LinkedIn

The LinkedIn of today is much less buttoned down and its renaissance ushers in fruitful content promotion opportunities designed to get more clients in the door.

16:01 – Boost Your Visibility with Thumbstopping Content

Mobile users scroll past content indiscriminately unless given a reason to pause. Take advantage of these new LinkedIn features and settings to bring visibility to your noteworthy posts.

25:17 – How You Show Up in LinkedIn (and How to be Found)

Connectors on LinkedIn have a greater sphere of influence. These simple tips can elevate you to that status while also giving you a snapshot of engagement with your law firm’s profile.

31:20: The “Microsofting” of LinkedIn has Begun

Learn about helpful new add-ons to the LinkedIn platform, such as the LinkedIn Insights Tag, that enhance accessibility to the platform, content curation, visibility into metrics, and even synchronization with your team.

44:42 – Profile Updates & Best Practices

Nancy covers various ways to make your profile more appealing to potential clients both through information architecture and aesthetic.

52:00: Q&A

We answer pressing audience questions on using LinkedIn groups for influence, hashtags, and driving visitors to your profile and ultimately your website.


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