Webinar Recap:
Practicing at the Top of Your Law License


Practicing at the top of your law license means that you’re focused on doing the creative and analytical work that lawyers get paid to do. It means you’re not getting paid to answer phone calls. You’re not getting paid to schedule appointments with clients. You’re not getting paid to get coffee for someone. You ARE getting paid to perform high level work: creating strategies, crafting briefs, and advising clients.

In essence, focus on getting paid for the work you were hired to do. In this MyCase webinar, host Jared Correia outlines strategies to restructure your office in a way that promotes efficiency and ultimately bolsters your bottom line.  

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3:45 – Go Paperless

As long as lawyers still traffic in documents, storing everything in disparate systems will slow down any practice. Learn how to aggregate all the case information you need to run your practice efficiently with the right hardware, software, and processes in place.

11:25 – Embrace the Cloud

Non-location dependency is a strong suit for any law firm. If you can get all your software and tools in the cloud, you’re going to be ahead of the game.

16:34 – Streamline Your Administrative Processes

Reduce inefficiency with client portals, electronic payment processing, and administrative workflows. Adopt these solutions into your business for the benefit of both you and your clients.

27:10 – Banish the DIY Mentality

The first thing many lawyers need to do is get over the mindset that nothing can be delegated. Believe it or not, a lot of people can competently perform some of your daily tasks. 

35:00 – Delegate Substantive, Administrative Tasks

You don’t have to do it all, nor should you. Offload your work and become an overseer of tasks with a comprehensive to-do list.

43:25 – Build a Value Billing Platform

Everything you do within a billable hour does not have the same value. Embrace that idea. It’s important to assess your value proposition and adjust your rates with a focus on value.


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