Webinar Recap:
When to Move Your Law Practice to the Cloud


Will it be incumbent upon attorneys to use the cloud in the distant future? The answer to that isn’t exactly written in the stars. Cloud adoption has been gradual but steady. But while mandatory use of the cloud by lawyers in the future remains to be seen, one thing stands true: the cloud not a trend, it’s a reality.

In our recent webinar, Heidi Alexander, Boston lawyer turned law practice management consultant dispelled any lingering objections to migrating to the cloud. Well versed in the process of moving to the cloud, she shared her foolproof action plan for firms looking to make the switch with little to no friction.

Heidi emphasized that firms making the move to the cloud should do so with a plan in mind in order to ensure a smooth transition. Importantly, you must take full measure of what the cloud can offer you. Heidi’s advice: approach the situation holistically, preempt human error, and break everything out into succinct phases.

Brace yourself: A more productive, agile, and organized law firm awaits.

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4:18 – The next evolution of the law firm

Why technology is becoming more and more central to practice and being used to differentiate between law firms.

9:55 – The Cloud is not a trend, it is the reality of practice

With a staggering cloud adoption rate expected in 2018, here’s how lawyers are utilizing the cloud to date.

21:31 – The Naysayers Top 10 List

Heidi dispels the common objections of using the cloud from security concerns to data access.

34:40 – Professional responsibility and technology competence

It’s incumbent upon lawyers to take reasonable precautions to protect themselves and your data.

36:56 – Systems inventory, research, and due diligence

Heidi shares the explicit steps you should take when you’re on the brink of moving your practice to the cloud

43:42 – Failing to plan is planning to fail

Though the nature and age of your firm will dictate your plan, an incremental approach ensures a seamless transition.

51:02 – Human error is your biggest vulnerability

Security is everything. Heidi’s cyber self-defense policies will keep you protected.

57:57 – Q & A

Host Heidi Alexander takes questions from the audience on tactics for moving their practices to the cloud.

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