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Fixed Fees – Ditching the Billable Hour

Billing by the hour, though seemingly more profitable for law firms, presents a compounding conflict of interest between an attorney and their clients.

For this reason, many lawyers celebrate the transition to a packaged flat-fee billing model — introducing predictability, incentive to make progress, and even a competitive advantage for their firms.

Join us on Tuesday March 27th when President of Lawyer-Coach LLC Debra Bruce presents Fixed Fees – Ditching the Billable Hour at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

After our 60-minute presentation you’ll know:

  • The logistics behind making fixed fees work for your practice
  • Ethical rules that impact fixed fees
  • How to make fixed fees more profitable
  • How, why and when to involve your client in determining the fixed fee
  • Technology to consider using in a fixed fee practice

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While the transition from hourly billing may present a number of unique challenges, the benefits far outweigh the implementation time for both you and your clients.

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