Webinar Recap:
How to Measure Your Marketing ROI for Lawyers


Without the proper attribution model in place, one can’t expect to measure or even define success from online or offline expenditures to promote their practice.

In our recent webinar, Stacey Burke, Texas lawyer turned law firm business consultant advised accountability for your marketing efforts to generate a lasting, positive ROI in your firm.

Challenging the longstanding narrative that lawyers aren’t marketers, Stacey distilled one of the more nebulous segments of marketing — the metrics — down to a simple reference guide for measuring success. And with a general understanding of which numbers feed directly into your bottom line, making calculated decisions on how to spend your annual marketing budget is not only approachable, it’s simple math.

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4:53 – How to prioritize your marketing

The four core promotional channels with the highest ROI for lawyers.

8:45 – How to pick the right vendors

Run through this simple self assessment and vetting process find the right fit for your firm

13:44 – Why measure marketing ROI?

Find out whether or not your marketing spend is justifiable.

15:58 – ROI components to measure

Between media costs and labor, how to calculate the total marketing investment of your law firm.

23:08 – Success metrics for online expenditures

These granular success metrics reveal the extent to which your marketing investments are paying off

31:34 – Success metrics for events

How to leverage the largest B2B marketing opportunity for any law firm.

34:23 – Marketing tools to use

A list of recommended marketing tools to use in your law firm.

38:34 – Marketing metrics that matter

The metrics that actually impact your bottom line and the glamour metrics that don’t.

47:09 – Q & A

Host Stacey Burke answers the audience’s burning questions on marketing.

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