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How to Measure Your Marketing ROI for Lawyers

The majority of lawyers have no idea how much it costs to acquire a client. That’s a fact. Despite this, firms are notorious for spending with impunity when it comes to marketing. Money goes in, clients come out. What happens in the interim is anyone’s guess.

Disregard for ROI in any business turns marketing into a game of chance. Without a quantifiable baseline, how else will you know whether or not your client intake rate reflects your cost or whether you’re throwing tens of thousands of dollars out the window year after year?

Conversely, exercising vigilance in monitoring your investment/return ratio can have major implications on your bottom line. With all your marketing dollars accounted for, you’re able to allocate more of your budget towards initiatives that bring more clients through your door.

Join us on Tuesday January 30th when Texas lawyer turned law firm business consultant Stacey Burke presents Money out the Window: How to Measure Your Marketing ROI for Lawyers at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

After our 60-minute presentation you’ll know how to:

  • Select the right marketing vendors for your practice
  • Identify the ROI metrics that directly affect your bottom line
  • Track ROI efficiently for both online and offline expenditures
  • Set a baseline for your marketing ROI
  • Routinely monitor your ROI on a schedule that works for you.

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Now’s the time to reduce spend on underperforming marketing tactics and increase accountability, resulting in a positive ROI in your firm.

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