Webinar Recap:
The Addicted Lawyer – How We Got Here, How To Solve It

This isn’t going to be your standard webinar recap.

Don’t expect a simple bullet point list you can quickly skim over, or a short summation of five easy things to do right away. If you’re looking for a webinar or blog post like that, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Because in yesterday’s MyCase legal webinar, attorney Brian Cuban didn’t talk in bullet points. He didn’t talk about law firm marketing or better client communication. He didn’t share ten slides on how to network better. I don’t think he even mentioned social media once.

Instead, Brian Cuban shared his story: The Addicted Lawyer.

I can only imagine some of the self-doubt one might feel living in the shadow of a celebrity billionaire brother like NBA Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. With that type of high profile sibling, the anxiety about comparisons or even shame from a judging public would probably prevent most people from sharing the tiniest of flaws or an embarrassing personal story. But there are certain people in this world who have the character and guts to share their story and say what they believe no matter what.

Brian is one of those people, and his story is certainly worth listening to.

With 46% of yesterday’s attendees admitting they knew an attorney currently struggling with alcohol or drug use, and a recent ABA/Betty Ford Hazelden Study showing that 43.7% of lawyers reported problematic use starting within the first 15 years following law school, it’s clear there is an underlying theme of addiction – even a culture of drinking – within the legal world.

Statistics and reports are powerful, but Brian’s willingness to tell his story and share his personal experience as an addicted lawyer hit home on another level.

You’ll hear snippets from his life, including struggles with body dysmorphic disorder, anorexia, and bulimia (don’t shrug – 30% of those who suffer from an eating disorders are men), and ultimately the origins of what would become a debilitating alcohol and drug addiction. He shares the sources of his struggle with no hesitation, including childhood anecdotes of bullying and fat shaming. He takes you through the evolution of his addiction at Penn State University and law school, the instant addiction from his first hit of cocaine, and how he almost lost everything and everyone he loved.

But he recovered. So can you, or the lawyer you’re thinking about while reading this.

What Brian makes clear is that attorneys should get help before they’re forced to. He also shares a number of resources available both on local and national levels. He talks about each state’s Lawyer’s Assistance Program (LAP), which he admits many attorneys may not even know exists. And, he challenges those who do know it about to shut down any hesitation or concerns about the stigma of addiction that prevent them from getting help from resources like:

He makes it clear not every treatment program or solution is right for everyone, but there are tools out there to help you make the first step. Don’t try to figure out by yourself. Allow others to help.

This presentation is so personal and engaging (and quite frankly, important for lawyers to hear), we wanted to provide an .mp3 file so you can easily download it and listen to it in your car or away from your desk. If you don’t have an hour to listen now, download and save it for your next plane ride or long commute.

To download a .mp3 recording of this presentation, click here, or watch the full recording and view the slides below.



And finally, if Brian’s message resonates with you, our webinar from 2015 “Anxiety & Stress Management for Lawyers through Mindfulness” with Jeena Cho (someone Brian mentions in his presentation) might also be worth watching. And checkout the Guided Meditation Resource for 8 minutes of peaceful mindfulness!

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